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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cessna 195 ~ 77 Victor ~ Wendell Eckert ~Journal Pages

Acrylic Painting on Canvas 9 x 12 (Nancy)
The completed Canvas by Canvas painting

77 Victor
Acrylic Painting on canvas 6 9”x12”, framed at 40” x 31.5”

Canvas by Canvas became aware of the Wendell Eckert story because of one of our members, Maryann, and some of her many friends. In fact she knows just about anyone ever mentioned in our conversations, and many times we’ve heard her begin a story or interject into one of ours “They Used To Live In My Neighborhood” and we’ve abbreviated it to “Oh, it’s just one of Maryann’s TUTLIMN’s.”

So Wendell Eckert is known to us by way of a Maryann TUTLIMN. His daughter, Gretchen, gave Maryann a photo of his vintage Cessna 195, built in 1949, as a basis of our painting. The call numbers of the plane were 77 Victor and can be seen on the wing and the numbers are unique to that individual plane. It is the call number the towers use to direct the plane for landing or other orders.
The plane was built in 1949 and was used by Wendell as the lead plane for the US Forest service primarily in the Sequoia forest. His job was to strategically lead the bombers into the forest to drop the fire retardant. The US Forest Service referred to Wendell as the “Voice of the Sequoias” since he was the lead plane for forest fires for thirty years.

An admirer of Wendell, William (Tim) McMaster has a video of one of his flights on YouTube and he’s seen taking a beautiful bride for a celebratory flight. Wendell was 79 years old in this clip and he began flying in college in Wooster, Ohio and flew until the age of 82 in California, flying over 24,000 hours in his career. He died at age 91. He was born in 1916 in Youngstown, Ohio. Wendell’s house and the airport can be seen at the beginning of the clip in black and white and the photo was taken right after the war. When the war came, he was chosen to join the Army Air Corp in California and serve as flight instructor to countless cadets preparing for battle.

Mr. McMaster told Gretchen he put the video on YouTube with hopes she might enjoy it someday. He said “We loved your Dad very much”. The Cessna 195 is unique as it is a radial engine tail dragger and few of the planes have survived the years because the planes are very temperamental and require very experienced pilots.

Watch the video to see Wendell with the Cessna 195 and enjoy some good music with the ride.

Gretchen and ZoAnn and Tim thank you for providing the information so that CBC could enjoy painting this work and getting to know your story.

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Got rid of my barely limping along freezer + $50.00 reward and a yearly physical and I don't have red hair but red hair is more fun to paint than mousy gray brown, Dr. Sarmini's hand is not that ugly and my nemesis - bills and cake.
First trip to IKEA and now I'm limping along with freezer (so many steps), hot old August, shopping for new Flax to wear to Class of 1954 class reunion in De Leon, pop. 2400, during the Peach and Melon Festival. We decided at our 50th we'd better meet every year thereafter. Thanks Harold, Marie and Naomi for getting us organized and for the great watermelon. Oh, yes and the Beijing Games started, but I was eating burgers out under the stars in De Leon and telling tales. The hangers show I've started closet clean out and why didn't I just close the door, forget it and paint? Clothes are multiplying, boxes overflowing ...


Cecelia said...

Yea! Class of '54!
Our motto, in Calvert High, was "To school no more in '54". Of course, our English teacher wouldn't allow that! She gave us a more lofty, "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for". I finally got out of school in '04 when I retired. I have a couple of classmates who are still working in schools. One is an assistant principal and another is in charge of several programs at UTA.
Good luck with the freezer. Our a/c went out last week and we about expired without air conditioning for a couple of days. Thank goodness for fans! I know the bill is going to be around $2,000.
I always loved airplanes. The only one I ever flew in was a Civil Air Patrol Cessna back in the 70s. I went up a couple of times. The pilot was a distinguished WWII vet. The ones I am most fascinated with are the B-36s and bombers, etc. that were made at Consolidated and Convair in Ft. Worth.
You drew yourself with red hair. I have a box and am going to do mine red, I think! It already had red, but only in the sun. Plus the gray and white, of course! I did my hair Cobalt Violet in the picture I used on my blog. Look at "Are You Being Served" sometime. The older lady clerk is a hoot. She has different colored hair in each episode! I told my students I was going to be like that-after all, art teachers should be colorful. I never did, though.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Cecelia, nice to hear from you.I enjoyed reading your comments. Let me know when you paint yourself with red hair and I like violet hair also!
I look forward to the next '54 graduates reunion for us both.

Judy Crowe said...

Hi Nancy

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like yours as well. I am just learning about all this stuff and am not very computer literate savy but am learning. Anyway, I like your work and all that you have on your blog!

Judy Crowe

Judy Crowe said...

Hi Nancy

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really like yours as well. I am just learning about all this stuff and am not very computer literate but am learning. Anyway, I like your work and all that you have on your blog!

Judy Crowe

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Judy, thanks for stopping by and glad you're inspired Lesley to get a blog started. ns