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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Carol Nelson Workshop ~ Denver, CO. ~ "Butterfly Dreams" by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Butterfly Dreams"
6" x 5 1/2" Tyvek, Venetian Plaster, Acrylic Paints on MDF board

Our Carol Nelson Class at the Arvada Art Guild Workshop

If this is your first visit to this blog, the previous post will give more information about this Carol Nelson workshop. Working and playing with Tyvek paper was the next step while our textured surfaces were drying.
I always like these instructions:
Carol "There is no right or wrong day to do this".
Take a piece of Tyvek paper and paint both sides with acrylic paints with colors you might use in one of the projects. Dry and iron. You may have some Tyvek around your house in the form of old Fedex envelopes. It's also available in 60 foot rolls at the hardware store if you go into production but you might find scraps around a construction site as it's used in construction as a vapor barrier.
Other uses - go to YouTube and just type in the key word Tyvek for more options. You will find lots of videos for making a wallet. Here's a neat wallet for sale but don't iron this one.
We found that when painting it worked better to use thinner applications of fluid acrylics or tubes. Just experiment to find the correct solution. One student made a beautiful piece using some metallic paint and sprinkled with gold flakes while the paint was still wet. My kind of bling. Paint both sides using different colors for more choices and dry before ironing.
If you're finicky about your iron, at this point you can protect the ironing board and iron by placing the painted and dried Tyvek in a parchment paper sandwich. Put the iron on cotton heat and press up and down and not the "iron a shirt" back and forth motion. You'll soon understand how much and how long to apply. If you lift the parchment and your Tyvek has disintegrated then that's way too long. Just a few taps and a look see at first but I really like the effect of a few holes. The Tyvek will make bubble shapes in various sizes and angles and lots of nice crevices.
Here is a big article on Tyvek or just Google for more choices.
In the above piece, I cut out the area that appealed to me and then used Yes glue to attach it to the textured board and used some coordinating acrylic paint and who doesn't like red. The section reminded me of a butterfly wing. The final varnish has not been applied. Check back soon for another post about this fabulous workshop.

Saundra Lane Galloway in her Art for Life Blog has added some posts about the workshop.

Here is another slide show from the workshop. Mouse over for the captions.

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devotedmomof7 said...

FANTASTIC, NANCY!!! I love the segmented section especially...just like a butterfly!

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Cheryl. Yes the Tyvek "bubbles" looked like a butterfly to me, also.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

This workshop sounds like such fun. Enjoyed checking out your website and the group artists work. Simply scrummy colours all the time and particularly liked the wedding series. You are one prolific artist displaying such love of colour.

Nancy Standlee said...

Joan, sometimes I don't think I'm very prolific except in workshops. Glad you like the "colour".