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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stephen Quiller Workshop ~ Day 3 and 4

This large sheet watercolor was painted by Stephen Quiller for the SWS meeting Wednesday night. There was standing room only to meet him and see his slides of paintings from all over the world but a lot of them were painted in his beloved Colorado. You find out very soon about his love of nature and painting the outdoors. When the snow is on the ground, then it's time for him to pick up his sketch pad and cross country ski. These works were painted flat so the students could view them in the overhead mirror but en plein air he paints vertically.

Above is a closeup of a small watercolor study of Stephen's done yesterday.One of my favorites. There is so much texture and interest with the splattering and negative painting.

Today we got into the use of acrylics and glazing. Above the first small study demo that Stephen did. Then it's our turn and I don't care to share my attempt. It's only a few steps back to your working area from the demo area and he makes it look super easy and you just know you can go back and do likewise. Well, forget that. No one paints landscapes like Stephen and I don't have the desire to paint landscapes but I wanted to study them with him. What a great opportunity with him in the area and I do breathe easier here than in his high mountain Colorado. He has made us all more color conscious and aware of landscapes many possibilities.
He began this lovely poppy study right before lunch by laying in all the orange shapes first and all I could see was candy corn and thinking when can we eat. Luscious acrylic painting. He has his own set of marks and distinctive brushwork and we practice in the air hoping to paint an aspen or poppy that looks even a little like his.
This is a watercolor of mine from yesterday. Four days of class with a late night meeting is beginning to show and I wasn't very happy with today's results.
A friend that follows my blog has asked if I'd post the 12 colors he uses for his travel palette and I will in a later post.
He's written 5 books, has his own line of watercolor and acrylics, color wheels, palettes, paper and instructional dvd's and he is a student of art history, of paints and their properties. The man knows a lot about landscape painting. He states that his 12 color palette can be taken anywhere and any color can be mixed from it and the theory of this placement goes back to the 1830's. A catalogue of his products can be ordered from his web site.


Elizabeth Taylor said...

Loved seeing Quiller's work, Nancy. And your tree painting looked like a very decent job too. You only need 12 colors in the palette? What a fantastic concept -- this would save me a lot of $$$$. =)


Sharilyn Miller said...

Thank you for sharing yet another terrific workshop with us, Nancy! I loved seeing the instructor's paintings and reading your commentary. I also think your own painting is quite beautiful and you should be proud of your efforts. Just keep at it! You're improving all the time.

Margie Whittington said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures from the Quiller workshop,

Cecelia said...

Lovely work! Thanks for sharing. I know that you are enjoying another wonderful workshop.
I'll bet the painting that you were reluctant to share is better than you think! It's good to see all of it.
Now, us old art teachers stress that all you really need is red, yellow, and blue, and you can make any color you need from that! And some add a little black. But I sure do love Indigo Blue, Cobalt Violet, etc!

Connie Michael said...

Good job on your landscape, Nancy. Interesting blog, too. I think I'll check out his website.

laura said...

I love Quiller's small tree study--the light and color are great. I never added white to my palette, but I see how he used it for three "holes"--beautiful. And your painting is lovely too--it's hard to do good work in a workshop, I think, but this painting is beautiful!

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Betty, Yes but I couldn't just buy 12 as there are too many I want to try. Glad you liked my tree. It would get discouraging to look at his and you think you could do it as he made it look so easy. He's a fantastic painter.

Thanks, Sharilyn for your kind comments. I want to try more trees as I've never been a "tree person".

You're welcome, Margie, You know how I love to post these workshops.

Cecelia, It would be hard for me to stick with just 12, also as I love buying different colors and sometimes even by the names. You couldn't resist buying a Cheap Joe's "Hot Mama" red.

Connie, I know you're on a Mexico beach at present but do check him out when you lucky girl. Paint us a palm tree.

Laura, I LOVED the small tree study and asked about buying it and thought about more workshops and Christmas dollars and someone else had asked and I said..Let them have it so I will have to try really hard one of these days to paint one similar for me. I agree it's hard to workshop paint but I liked the way he encouraged us to do small studies which is a good way for all workshops..forget the 1/2 sheets and just do a few small ones for study.

Aslam said...
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Anonymous said...
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