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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, June 7, 2010

Art Journal ~ Love Your Life Art Journaling Class by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

Raffine Art Sketch
Super Deluxe All Media Sketch Book 9 x 12
The first 3 images are taken from the current journal I'm working in. I thought I would show some of the recent additions since the Art Journaling Workshop "Love Your Life" at Dena's Ranch has been announced. There is still time to sign up as it won't be until July 23, 24 and 25. Email Dena at or cal l830-825-3465 for more information.
Click HERE to read about it on my blog and Click on images for a larger view.

Plans for the 3 day workshop are progressing and I'm preparing images, gathering up journals and favorite book references to share and the stack on the couch is growing. It could mean renting a U-Haul or I will need to do some "weeding", a good librarian term.
I like to add events from my daily life so in later years (which is now) I can recall and remember. Who would want to forget this granddaughter's 7th birthday when she wanted a "Fox Birthday" and who ever heard of a fox birthday? My daughter scrambled finding all things "fox" and found this great long fox tail and converted it into a wearing device and Grace wore it proudly and securely over her neck and shoulder all during the celebration, much like a traveling tourist would wear their passport and money. She had an extremely tall pointy party hat to round out her attire. It was green but I chose to make it in pink collage. I collaged other pieces from the invitation and ephemera. I found an used fox stamp and glued it to her dress. I have the fox saying "Oh, dear, I seem to have lost my tail."
Above this I have a Zentangle (more on that later) a quote and a reminder to me at just how gullible I am to the power of suggestion and an evidence of that below in an oil pastel practice area. More on that later also. Why do I want to try everything "art" I see?

I take a lot of art workshops and my friends sometimes refer to me as the "workshop Queen". What can I say? I do like to know the kind, make and model of the brush used and please don't ever just say "red" when I ask "what color is that" as I want to know manufacture and name and pigment number. The instructor may receive a mention in my blog, a 1/4 page or a whole page such as Skip below where I wrote a note summary around the painting, or I might have a whole sketchbook devoted to just one instructor after taking several workshops(oh, tabbed dividers). See below and you know who you are Bob.
A Canson Montval All Media Sketch Book 9 x 12

These are just a few of the journals I will share and discuss. The one below is an altered book I've just started. You purchase an old book on the cheap at the thrift store or a garage sale, glue pages together and use gesso, collage and acrylic paint to fill the pages. For this one I chose a book on women's health because it is filled will neat photos of bodies, babies, wombs and you can save the print or a photo and/or paint out what you don't want to include. Or just practice a technique in one. I tried out some of the oil pastels on this page also. Does any of this appeal to you? If so, call Dena for more information.

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