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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Koi Collage ~ Art Journaling Workshop by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Koi" Collage
6 1/4" x 9 1/2"
Hand painted, stamped. book and magazine papers on watercolor paper

If you have been reading my posts, you know I'm preparing activities to use in an art journaling workshop, "Love Your Life" workshop at Dena's Ranch, 830 825-3465. I thought this might be a good use for all the travel brochures and maps that fill your luggage when you return home. Tear them up and make a unique travel keepsake with any design by pasting bits and pieces. I did use some hand painted and hand stamped papers in this piece. I've taken several outstanding workshops in painted papers and collage. We painted papers in Austin in the Carrie Burns Brown workshop in 2006 and I have her DVD. It's hard to see in this photo but we painted papers and put them out on the patio "rocked" down so they wouldn't blow away and on the grass under the trees. We found a rusty grill, wrapped it with archival tissue paper, poured vinegar on it, waited overnight for the rust to color our papers and got some lovely rusted colored paper. There is a piece of this paper in the koi.
Carrie is in the striped top.
I was a little premature taking this photo as the whole back yard was covered in beautiful painted papers during the week.
I have lots of koi photos taken at our Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth when getting ready for the Cheng-Khee Chee workshop.
Also we used koi photos in the Nicholas Simmons Workshop.
I had signed up for one week with the king of collage, Gerald Brommer, and at the last minute a space opened up for the second week so I took that one also. What a great two weeks painting papers and learning about design.

I've met Ginny Stiles blogging and I see she has signed up for a Bob Burridge workshop but I've learned about a collage artist from her, Elizabeth Nelson, and she does some spectacular pieces. Her DVD is on order. I've love to take one of her workshops and maybe I will.
Through Elizabeth's blog I found another artist, Wanda Edwards, and she had posted a koi. I got down more references today and found this book by Zhen and it's available at Amazon.

There are many ways to make a painted paper collage and everyone has a different technique. I will discuss some of these methods in my workshop and if you're interested in art journaling why don't you join us. I will tape this collage in instead of collaging directing in the journal as I wasn't sure how the paper would accept the acrylic medium.

I heard from Strathmore papers and they are sending me some samples of their new Visual Journal coming out in July. It looks like it will be perfect to paint and collage koi.

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Ginny Stiles said...

Hi Nancy...reading your blog is like taking a workshop! I love how you show how we all interlock and how one thing leads to another!!! And thanks for mentioning my blog on your blog! Can't wait to see how Strathmore's Visual Journal turns out. I such a bang out of the vinegar/rust papers! Hahaha. Who says we are nuts! i like the koi fish...very colorful and the texture is great. You are going to Chen-Khee Chee next? Wow. I hope you'll write about Brommer's workshop sometime (or if you did already can you give me the archive hint?)

Nancy Standlee said...

Yes and you should see how we fought over and divided up those rust papers and I've kept them in plastic bags and even now when I open the bag I can get a faint whiff of vinegar and it takes me back to us searching for rusty stuff to wrap..we found chains, license plates, etc. I'm sorry.. I've already taken Cheng-Khee Chee but just click on their name and it will take you to my blog posts..same with Brommer then just go to previous or older posts to see more. I should mention that more on my posts that that is a link.

padmaja said...

Hi Nancy, so many new things to learn from your blog, glad that I came across this one. Your work is marvelous.You have inspired me to try a collage :-)

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Padmaja Artists of India..welcome to my blog and I really like your painting of the statue in Cambodia. I'm working on a second koi that I think will be better than this one. I imagine you have some wonderful papers to work with in India. Try a collage. I bet you'd be great and post it and let me see. Thanks for the nice visit.