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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carmel Cupcake 13038, Dreama Tolle Perry Workshop, Day 3, Carmel, Indiana by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Carmel Cupcake 13038
8x8 in. Ampersand Gessobord panel

OK.. this post has a spoiler alert and if you ever want to take a Dreama Tolle Perry workshop don't read any longer. Well, OK here goes. This was painted in a really fun exercise on day 3 called musical easels. I had no idea I would end up with such a good painting. Here's how it worked - Dreama didn't demo today and we were given about 4 or 5 images, each student received one, and if your image had a U on it you had to paint it upside down. Whew.. I got the cupcake image above right side up. Directions were to go back to your own easel and when the GO was given draw off your design and begin painting until the MOVE call was given which was about 3 or 4 minutes in a directed rotation. Not all 19 people in the class painted on this but probably 5 or 6 did. I enjoyed moving to different easels and seeing the setups and was very pleased with my cupcake when the call was given to return to your home easel. This week I did have to put in some hot licks on it because the icing got smeared on the flight home. I see more oil cupcakes in my future. AND more Dreama workshops.  
I've been doing cupcake collages for some time and here is one that sold March 5, 2013 that is headed to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Does that make me an internationally collected artist now?

Big Night, 8x8 in. torn paper collage

I sold this Dreama workshop painting this week that was posted on my blog - the French House. It's going to an Arlington, TX art collector.

Here is a class photo of the 18 women and one lucky man who took the Carmel, Indiana workshop.
The Carmel IN class

If you need any personal checks you are invited to order them from Check Advantage. See the link below. 20 of my images have been used for personal checks, side tear checks, check book covers, and address labels. Here is an example. Images are in sets of 4 (farm animals, roosters, figures, florals, high heels)

 A question has come up about how I carry wet oil paintings on a flight and here is the answer. Raymar wet panel carriers can be found HERE. A wonderful invention they are. 

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Nancy Laliberte said...

Fabulous workshop posts and paintings, Nancy. You are a painting and art wonder! Love both your cupcakes, and yes, you are now collected internationally! Time to update the marketing materials... :)

I studied with Dreama last November in Lexington, KY. She really is a wonderful teacher and person. Someday, I hope to be one of her repeat offenders.

Nancy Standlee said...

Nancy, so glad you enjoyed her workshop and thanks for the nice comments. I hope to take the Lexington one this yr.