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Monday, April 22, 2013

Don Getz Watercolor Journal Tour of the USA, Day 3, Dallas TX, "Live Oak", by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Live Oak 
Kilimanjara 140# watercolor paper 12"x9"
I missed sunny Day 2 of the workshop when the rest went to the Dallas Arboretum and by Day 3 it was cool, windy and rainy so we spent the day inside painting from photos or Don painted from a photo, I painted from his sketch! I brought my iPad and took a photo of his sketch and took it back to my table along with the photo he used and tried my best to paint a tree. I did get the outline around the design right this time but at the last minute I used the big end of the Identipen and outlined my tree leaf clumps and Don said it made them look like they were jumping. O.K. so no one else in the class had vibrating leaves on their trees. I wouldn't want to spend the night in this house as it looks like it might fall, but it's all fine. It's mine and it's not perfect. I learned a lot, had a great time, and will go plein air sketchbook journaling again or paint from a photo. Who wants to tag along? In future posts I'll show my travel bag, folding table, and chair.

 Don giving us a demo using Cheap Joe's catalogs as a prop.

 Don's Demo Sketch. (Note his leaves are motionless)

Don's House up close. (Good house, Don) 
Note he uses different pen strokes for bushes and for trees.

This is my palette below I brought to class. It's a Schmincke 1/2 pan I filled but now I have to have one like Don's. Well, I actually had one like his and I'm filling it with Cheap Joe's paint. I added a lot more half pans than this was originally made for. It's about 5x4" folded up. A girl can't have too many palettes. I have some little plastic ones with just a few colors to keep in my backpack if I need to record something other than a jumping tree.
This may be hard to believe but I took this photo before I did jumping leaves on the tree. Guess one of them just jumped right off the tree to get nearer my palette.

After dinner at Amore's Don is off on his Odyssey. 

The one I used was on the Artists Showplace site HERE.. It will probably be up for a few more days.
Don's journal of his travels:

See my website  about the one day art journaling workshop I'm giving at the Dutch Art Gallery June 29. It will be called "Love Your Life" art journals.

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Sue Marrazzo said...

Love the post!
I like seeing behind the ART scene.
Your tree is awesome...

Marva said...

your magazine collages are so awesome! Your sketches are too! So glad I found your blog!