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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Canvas by Canvas ~ Square "H" ~ Where's Dan ~ Marla

10" square for Canvas by Canvas commission of our Red Truck
I painted this Monday at the Upstairs Gallery and it doesn't stand alone as many of our squares do. (For first time readers, I belong to this group of 9 Texas collaborative artists.) It looks better surrounded by its friends. It's "H", bottom middle, and you can see the peek on our CBC website.
Last weekend I heard from Cecelia about a Sketch/Crawl and I was interested but the body weak. I discussed the possibility of participating in the September one with CBC. One of our members, Karen, is taking a figure drawing class and suggested that on Mondays when we go out to eat bring our sketch books and while we're waiting for lunch sketch something. What a great idea but I'm not ready to post the results. I quickly sketched the salt shaker after being so enamored by Dan Price's work.

I own his books, "How to Make a Journal of Your Life",
"Moonlight Chronicles" and "Radical Simplicity" and Dan sketches everything and makes the mundane look great. Amazon carries his titles.
I have enjoyed reading about how Dan has tried to simplify his life and then drawing all aspects of it. I need all my "stuff" but I am desperately trying to organize it. A family member has lived with me for several years and moved out this weekend and I sent with him most of the bedroom stuff, bed, chest, desk, treadmill and promptly went to Home Depot and got 3 wonderful shelves, 72" H, 24" deep, and 3' wide and for the next year I will probably be working in that room (studio) to get my art stuff together, gathering it from forgotten places. The shelves went together so easy and I didn't even need a rubber mallet. So this is stage 1.

Last week I watched a Netflix movie, My Kid Could Paint That, that you might find interesting about a child painting prodigy, Marla Olmstead. Here are some sites I checked out about the movie and the controversy.
NPR and what is art?
and NPR has other programming about this movie.
The LA Times Art as Child's Play

Maybe there's hope for us late bloomers if a four year old is having great success.


Connie Michael said...

Look at all that room! Go Nancy!

doudy said...

Hello Nancy,
Could you give me the permission to post yopur painting "Nancy's Small Painting, Day 5, Quarter Sheet" done in liquid Acrylics. I think its great. IF yes
I'll post it on

Thanks in advance

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello Doudy,
I'd be proud to be posted on your blog but be sure and mention it was painted in the Nicholas Simmons workshop as it was painted with his directions. I haven't painted since except for pieces for Canvas by Canvas but I'm wanting to!
Connie, yes, look at that room and that's what is going to be keeping me busy for the summer.
Thanks you two for stopping by.

ankur said...

I'll also love to post your painting on my blog . I remember your directions nancy