Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Friday, July 11, 2008

Robert Burridge Workshop ~ Cloudcroft, NM ~ Tuesday

Nancy's Tree started on Tues.

People were in the acrylic class painting when I arrived at 8:30 a.m. and class begins at 9:00. Bob discussed the plans for the day, passed out his handouts and we learned more about the color wheel he has designed. It’s one thing to own a color wheel and look at it but who really studies it. Bob took the time and carefully explained his wheel and how he interprets it in painting. His tree paintings on display are fantastic and we all want to paint one and we are so ready to paint hot colorful trees using lots of oranges, reds, and yellows. He had several paintings that he had begun to demo and he will continue painting on today while teaching us his method of trees – drip trees with negative shape painting and the dab method of trees. Our first layer was done before lunch with the advice of “make a mess”. Most of us our whole life have been told “Don’t make a mess” and now we’re all grown up and Bob gives us permission to make a mess. How cool is that. I love the look of these trees and after I’ve painted about a hundred maybe I won’t have to look at my notes. It’s been interesting trying to post to my blog. The library has wifi connections but we’re next door busy painting and I never found the time to post today with so much paint and information flying in all directions. The Chamber of Commerce has free wifi and if you drive up in their parking lot you can connect but then it was time to get ready for our party tonight. I stopped at the Cabins at Cloudcroft to get help as I’d been told that some cabins could get wifi but you might have to sit on the cabin porch to connect. I got the key to log on and got on fine at the office and kept my computer on to the drive to our cabin but when I walked into the cabin I lost the signal and the owner said something about the tin roofs may prevent the signal. Anyway a few minutes ago the signal appeared on my computer that I’m connected but with a low signal. This is just all too weird as it is always a challenge to travel and try to connect to blog. I decided against sitting out in the car in the cold to post the blog. You may read it several days down the road. Seems like I can get on to write the post but it is just too slow to upload any photos so it's back to the library or the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

One of the partners of the Cloudcroft Art Workshops owns the Burro Street Boarding House on the hill overlooking the Art Workshop and she and the rest of the partners invited the class for a pot luck dinner at 6:00. We spent the evening discussing art and getting to know our fellow students. The food was delicious. No big downpours today but a gentle sprinkle during our meal. What a beautiful privilege to paint with fellow artists during the day and share a meal in the evening. Thanks to all who made that possible.

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Cecelia said...

Sounds like a wonderful workshop! Thanks for taking us along!
I'm afraid that, if I got in one of those wonderful places, a few days might not be enough time there, for me. I might just want to stay!