Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, September 22, 2008

Joe T's and Art Journal Pages

This 8" square was painted for a project designed by Canvas by Canvas member Margie Whittington. She wants a Fort Worth themed painting. Watch for it on the Easel. Joe T's is a favorite restaurant of mine and has figured in many events of my life, real and imaginary. A favorite fantasy of some fellow elementary librarians that I'd be married in Joe T's garden and they could all be bridesmaids dressed as favorite storybook characters. Fortunately, that event remained a fantasy.
Last week I was in the Janet Rogers workshop and will post some photos later in the week but for now it will be an update on journal pages.

I've been in an organizational nightmare at home and this rolling cart is a solution for my watercolor paints. Nine paintings were accepted into the Preservation is the Art of the City show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and 5 paintings sold opening night on the 4th.

Painting at The Upstairs Gallery on Monday I finished my cactus square for Karen's project, updated my charm bracelet with a palette, 9 for 9 squares for CBC paintings, Girlfriends, and a diary for "art journals", one entry in the Art in the Garden show, and the assembly of a mobile laptop desk. Hint (buy the floor model already assembled if they will sell it to you.)

This is not an abstract. It's a portion of my pathetic kitchen floor. It has the original brown linoleum from 20 plus years ago and some squares are coming off and leaving ugly white edges - mainly where I sit and roll around in my chair. Several years ago I discovered a quick fix to keep from having a complete overhaul. Brown shoe polish the white and put silver duct tape around the edges to prevent more lifting. Now the old silver is wearing through and getting very sticky so it was a time for some re-flooring and it nearly blinds you upon entering. I can't even think about moving everything out (bookcases, jelly cupboard, chests, tv, tables) and having a professional install a new floor. It would just be too disruptive and then I'd have to have new wall paper - just can't deal with that at the present but a friend did suggest I try brown duct tape next time since I wasn't aware it was available. All decorating hints are appreciated.

Continue with closet sort, the reception, mail, and we met Lynx at the gallery opening. We had to meet anyone who came to the opening with a coat hanger in his tie, positioned to make it look as if his tie was in a perpetual wind storm.

A granddaughter visit and I gave her my journal and watercolors and this is a combination of Grace and Maddie's work. Grace loved the orange which we know as cadmium or Chrome or some other technical name and she calls it "Home Depot Orange."

Shower heads quit working and that led to the realization of the 16 year old Ruud water heater had expired and it's scary when they mention "financing available". I'm finding many, many 3.5 high density diskettes during the cleanup and saw Ratindra Das demo at the SWS meeting, new computer that would not have been purchased if I'd known about the water heater. Monster Ike on the way and after the fact it has completely destroyed that wonderful Port Bolivar where CBC took some vacation time last year. Now to the store for some brown duct tape.


vickiandrandyrossart said...

LOVE the perspective on this painting! And your journals are stunning and intimidating. they are worth of publication...


Nancy Standlee said...

Vicki, thanks for stopping by and glad you like the journal pages. Thanks for the mention of my blog on your side bar. I'll add your link to mine. ns

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