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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, January 12, 2009

Art Couture Gallery ~ Gamut Control Gala

Vladimir Gorsky 1953-2008
No, this isn't my painting of Clint but one of many great paintings on display at a celebrity gala on Saturday evening presented by the Art Couture Gallery and Gamut Control.
Cindy and I were invited to visit with some international artists since I have contracted with Gamut to produce my giclees. During the evening there was a tribute to Mr. Gorsky.
We met up again with actor, writer, and painter David Dayan Fisher. He has been in Hollywood's National Treasure and you can see him Tuesday evening, January 13, on CBS NCIS. David said he usually gets killed off but on this series he has been invited back.
We met Jim Lively, Michael Kypuros, Reza Sepahdari, and Kim Klatt from Art Business News and had a lovely evening after dining at the nearby Capriccio Ristorante.

Here are some photos taken during the evening:

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