Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tony Saladino Critique Group ~ Art Collaboration ~ Art Journal Pages

16" x 20" acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas with some collage elements

16" x 20" Acrylic on paper mounted on gallery wrapped canvas

Critique Group
These are the 2 paintings I took to a newly formed critique group hosted by Tony Saladino at his studio. He has a "whole house" for his wonderful studio and yes, it is full with paintings, computers, and framing supplies. Four members from the art collaboration group, Canvas by Canvas, were there (Betty, Barbara, Karen and Nancy).
Tony works in acrylics and he prepares his own supports and paints in a representative and abstract method. We loved going from room to room and seeing the works in progress and the finished pieces waiting to be shipped.
The Group
Tony wants to limit the group to about 10 members. We arrived at 9:00 for a get acquainted coffee and he explained the process. Each artist may bring up to 3 paintings any size for presentation and the artist is free to listen or participate in the discussion. A timer is set so each person gets equal time. Our paintings were placed in a separate room so each presentation would be a surprise to the rest of the group. These artists are serious about their work and are on different and various levels in their art journey, but we all have a desire to improve. One thing I learned and am going to try is work larger and simplify.
Encouraging words from Tony "Every painting has a buyer. Find a gallery. There will be a buyer. The closer you get to being you, the better your work will be." On the advantage of painting a still life "It's an easy way to paint from life and it doesn't "twitch or itch".
In the Group with a blog or web site, check out these:
Lesley Talty
Robert Standlee (I was so surprised as we have the same last name and no relation. The name is not found spelled this way very often.)
Karen Frances
We have a good group and the art talk continued at a local Mexican food restaurant, Miguelito's, and was joined by tango talk as Karen F and Tony both tango. Maybe later we can do a tango photo shoot!!
Art Journal Page 64
More soup, this time potato and Fish City Grill trip and a great western dvd, Appaloosa, about friendship. I've been practicing some watercolor moves and reading before the soon to be, Mel Stabin workshop. This will be my third Mel workshop and the last one was in San Miguel. I did some really bad plein air paintings there and no excuses this time inside, but every where you looked there was so much beauty to distract in San Miguel. Yes, I watched Barak Hussein Obama being sworn in and the inauguration. We wish him well and will watch with interest the current propaganda of Igor Panarin. At the end of the article is a map of how he thinks the U.S. will be divided.

Art Journal Page 65
Thursday was the critique and it wasn't that brutal with a thumbs up or down. I had to add a note about Lost being on Wednesday night. It is a story with many twists and turns and a review before the season started. Friday was a hair trim with Terry at Salon Purple and he has a church across the street, Sanctuary. Terry has a MySpace also. I used a gift certificate next door at Mamma Mia's Italian Restaurant for a great lasagna lunch. Then since it was 80 and sunny I decided on a drive to model home look. Maybe I'll mount the acrylic painting to a canvas before the day is over.
I got an email yesterday about LeapFish, the fastest search engine on the planet with the funny grayed out area "It's ok, you're not cheating on Google...."

I have posted a slide show of photos from Tony's critique group and Terry's photo is at the end. Enjoy.


Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

I love your slide shows. I can not get mine to show up on my blog. Still trying to get it to work.

MANPOLO said...

Very interstinfg slidw shows. It's nice to see so many talent local texas artists. Thanks.

Tony said...

Dear Nancy,

I was just looking at you site, again, and didn't realize just how much work you've put into it. I am truly impressed and I appreciate all that you have included about the critique group.

Any artist would be happy to have you working as you do to spread the word about art, artists and the people you support.

I am lucky to have you on my side.


Nancy Standlee said...

Peggy, I'm glad you like my slide shows and hope yours are working by now.

And Thanks, Manpolo, for visiting and the comments.

Tony, thanks for the comment and I'm looking forward to our one day workshop.