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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tribal Line ~ Art Couture Gallery ~ Art Journal Pages

"Tribal Line"
Acrylic Figurative on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

After the Robert Burridge workshop I wanted to paint abstracts and have painted two that I will post later but I keep going back to figures. These figures were painted on a toned canvas. Bob had done a painting with a girl with bright red boots so this is my interpretation. It was accepted in the Art Couture Gallery in Dallas.

Art Journal Page 81
Unpacking from the Anne Bagby workshop and wanting to make a chop but just drew it instead. Shirley Trevena's new DVD, "Breaking the Rules of Watercolour", arrived from England and I just had to collage some of the mailing envelope. Check out Shirley's
blog here.

Art Journal Page 82
One of my babies turned 51, oh, my. On that day he texted "51 years ago we had us a day."
Here is Theresa's baked oatmeal recipe and you can find more about it at the Artist Food Network. Drawing looks pretty bad at the top of the oatmeal box but I have an excuse because I was in a big, big hurry.

Art Journal Page 83
Not fun days as I was gathering info for income tax, and I've watched the Trevena DVD and she says forget perspective and gather up some of your favorite things and paint them. I chose my mother's biscuit cutter, my favorite coffee drinking cup, a gift from my daughter, a cut glass toothpick holder that my father used every day, and the bottom of the pointy bill holder because it was old and interesting and I didn't pay any attention to perspective. I started Burridge packing.

Art Journal Page 84
Still unpacking and packing and I've been wanting to draw better so I've gone back to some favorite drawing books:
1. Danny Gregory
2. Dan Price
3. Bert Dodson
4. Betty Edwards
I watched 2 granddaughters and if I hadn't drawn around their hands I'd never noticed that Mattie's little fingers had fingernails so short the ends of her fingers were visible (biting nails) and Grace had 2 fake nails on her 5 3/4 year old fingers.
(I hope this type face isn't an inch high. I'm working on a 13 inch laptop and it's hard for me to decide exactly the font size I need) I will post some Burridge adbstracts next.

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