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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, July 5, 2009

CBC Gallery Opening ~ SWS Entry

SWS Entry
"The Nightingale"
15" x 12"

I received notice that "The Nightingale" has been accepted into the Southwestern Watercolor Society 46th annual membership show in September. This was done with watercolor and collage on 300 pound paper and inspired by attending the Gerald Brommer workshop at the Artists Showplace Gallery.
See blog posts on June 09 and the week earlier.

Canvas by Canvas members, Maryann, Nancy, Connie, (Marlene from the Museum) and Cindy at the Old Post Office and Museum Center in Graham, Texas, as we break for the July 4 parade. There is very interesting reading about the history of the area and exhibits if you click on the link. Thanks to all the volunteers who made our opening day very special. Our paintings will hang there until the first part of September so if you're in the area check out our paintings. This is the first time all of them have been hung together. What a treat to see them all in one place and be reminded of the dedication and work that has gone into their production.
We met early for the 2 hour drive and were welcomed to the museum show by a wonderful staff and group of volunteers. We had some time to step outside the door and under the shade of a large tree enjoy the July 4 parade while some of us enjoyed a lesson in water witching. We loved meeting new friends, having them tell us their favorite works and were surprised by a beautiful lunch before our Graham supporters bid us goodbye. Thanks to Red and his wife, Jay and Martha, Danny, Marlene and Tom and to all our visitors - thanks so much for stopping by and introducing yourselves. You have a treasure in Graham with your museum. Thanks for the invitation to show and visit in your town.
It was hot, hot on the way home (news later said that Graham at 103 was a hot spot of the North Texas area that day.) We had a quick stop at the Weatherford Farmers Market and next weekend is their Peach Festival.
You think you really know someone? Well, think again. One of our members is a big fan of yodeling and that was news to us. She casually mentioned she had gotten a "how-to" CD and had been practicing while driving. You know the rest of the story. Put that sucker in the CD player and we'll all practice the exercises and we got a little hysterical and a few curious glances from other car passengers. We came to the agreement if we could get really good at this yodeling thing and billed ourselves as the Yodeling Collaborative Painters of Texas we'd have the world cornered by uniqueness. Maybe at our shows on opening night we could give a quick demo and wear our little black aprons arm in arm skipping around a gallery. This went on for miles. Blame it on the heat.
If this kid learned how from a tape on YouTube, do you think 8 ladies in ther "middle years" might have a chance?

Remember Star Trek
"When going out into the universe, remember; Boldly go where no man has gone before."

Enjoy the slide show below and mouse over for captions.

Arlington, Texas Nancy Standlee Daily Painter Collaborative Collage Contemporary Watercolor


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great news re your Nightingale painting entry - love its colours and style. Also enjoyed the colourful contemporary show slideshow. So interesting the way you all collaborate on one piece.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Joan, It's good news to me. This has been my second invite as I've found it a hard show to get in and Cheng-Khee Chee was the juror (paints lots of koi)and I was hesitant to enter. Our collaborative work has been a unique experience for all 8 of us.

Ginny Stiles said...

Nancy...loved the yodeling story! Hahahahaha.
Tell me why all the paintings are divided into sections (like tiles from a distance). Were the individual pieces painted by a group? Help.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Ginny Each member of Canvas by Canvas paints one canvas and then we combine all of them into one painting. We work from our own photographs and some of us get to paint together at a studio we rent - some work. There is an overhead mirror and it makes it easier to check our progress. Since our style is usually 9 squares and we have 8 members one person will paint two squares. Just our way of painting.

lolly-jolly said...

this painting is gorgeous!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Lolly, I entered it on the very last day I think because I was thinking I'm wasting my $$$ but glad I went ahead. The show is always a good one and I'm glad I'm included this year.