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Monday, February 8, 2010

Robert Burridge Workshop ~ Wenmohs Ranch ~ Burridge Tree by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"The Burridge Tree"
12" x 12" acrylic gallery wrap canvas

I'll have to fess up. This tree is only about one half mine. If you know me or read the blog, I just don't "do trees" but that was one of my intentions for this Robert Burridge workshop - Paint a Burridge tree as I've tried many times. I made the "mess" on the canvas (can use gessoed paper) and then went into panic mode when it came to the negative painting. Bob graciously took over and I now have a Burridge tree that I'm sooo proud of. Because it is hard for me to see some of the limbs I've found it beneficial to use blackboard chalk to find them before just jumping in with the negative painting.

Bob and my tree before the shadows on the ground.

Bob showing other examples of his negative painted trees. More of his trees can be found on his web site under landscapes and he paints them huge. In Kate and Bob's ArtsyFartsy News specific example of the tree can be found in the September 2009 Newsletter. See the Villa Fattoria Bacio, I was there several years ago with a Ted Nuttall workshop but I didn't paint trees.

Bob and Nancy. I have on my "artist signature" apron and keeping score with the number of workshops taken by making black diagonal slash marks. Yes, this one was number 7.

Connie, my Canvas by Canvas, collaborative painter and friend with our ranch hostess, Dena.

So OK the first day was really cold, then it started raining! I had on so many layers I felt like a mountain man. Thanks, Elizabeth for sharing this photo. On the left is Terry and I met her at my very first Burridge workshop at Dena's and sweet girl remembered I was collecting rusty stuff and brought me a little plastic bag of rusty tin. When I use it in a painting I will surely post the results. Now go try a "Burridge Tree". I know I plan to make a few more starts and will try to finish the next one all by myself but thanks, Bob, for all your help on this one.

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Ginny Stiles said...

Wow...knock your socks off wild trees. Why do you call this a "negative" painting tree?

Nancy Standlee said...

You put random color all over the paper/canvas and then paint around the edges for the tree top and the branches and tree trunks. Look at the example on his newsletter and it will show you an example.

Eva said...

I love your NancyBob trees !!! Great idea to draw the limbs in first. It's hard to visualize them negatively. I have had problems with that too, but it become addictive once I got the hang of it :O)

Simz said...

hehe its so bright and lovely this one ... maybe its good to mess up a bit im thinking ...

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Simz, yes that is the idea. Make a colorful mess or clean your brushes at the end of the day on a canvas to get ready for the next painting.

Nancy Standlee said...

Eva, I've wanted to do a "Bob Tree" larger all week but I'm still putting up workshop supplies. Maybe next week I can practice my negative painting.