Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, April 25, 2011

"East Beach, Santa Barbara" ~ Kathleen Elsey Workshop ~ Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"East Beach, Santa Barbara" 16 x 20 in. Acrylic

Nancy and Kathleen

"Paint Everything" Class 13 in the class. Myrna was taking the photo
April 19-22
Santa Barbara CA

It's been a busy month since my last Tucson sketching workshop post. Canvas by Canvas had a Friday night gallery walk at the Good Art Company Gallery in Fredericksburg, McKinney had a one day Main Street Art show by way of Laura Moore Gallery, and I had a wonderful Granbury 4 day workshop with Robert Burridge and there will be posts to come on that fun workshop.

Kathleen Elsey: See more of her work on her website HERE:
I found Kathleen Elsey online Googling "Open" Acrylics, liked her work and since I lived near Santa Barbara in Lompoc for a few years in the 60's decided to make the trip. One of my boys was born in Lompoc and I haven't been back since until this trip.

Check out Kathleen's website as she has some exciting workshops in the works - one to France. Would I like to go? Silly question and then a plein air in Sonoma in October and I don't even like plein air but I like her way of paint application. She describes herself as a Fauvist Expressionist and that means thick paint with wild colors.
The workshop was held in the Veterans Memorial Building, 2nd floor overlooking the beach and it just doesn't get any better. Kathleen brought in furniture and set ups, table coverings, backdrop cloths, for still life paintings for Tues and Wednesday, Thursday we painted the beach from photographs she provided and Friday we could move to another set up in the room or finish a painting. She encouraged us to paint large (16 x 20 for me) and one whole suitcase was devoted to art supplies and I might add it was searched coming and going by the TSA and I guess long handled brushes, corkscrews and lots of tubes of paint can look a little suspicious.
Kathleen suggested we make drawings of our still life in our sketchbook before beginning to paint. She has recently started using Winsor and Newton Artists' Acrylic Colour and applies them with a brush similar to using a palette knife. The paints stay wet longer and dry close to the original color that's applied. It's humid in Santa Barbara and on one of her Masterson palettes she removed the sponge. Once the initial lay in of color she begins to work thicker once confident of her composition.
She paints with a group, New Fauves and you might like to see some of their work.
(more on this workshop in future posts)

I hope you had a Happy Easter and got to spend some time with your family. I will post a photo of the baby boy who was born in Lompoc, CA. The other boy was having plumbing problems and couldn't attend my daughter's Easter egg hunt on Sunday. On Saturday the flight from LAX was problematic.. engine trouble, lots, delayed landing at DFW, lost luggage and didn't get into bed until 2:30 a.m. but it was all worth it. Santa Barbara was so beautiful, the class was friendly, and Kathleen, a sharing and helpful instructor. I'm glad to have been one of her 13.
Eric (the Lompoc baby.. my California child, NS and Dana (my Virginia baby) the Texas boy was working.

Charlie, (he is Dana's) Dana and Eric







cindy said...

Hi, Nancy,
This must have been a very enjoyable workshop. I'm a fan of Fauvism, so it sounds like fun. How did you like working with the WN colours? Is the stay-wet time between the regular acrylics and the Golden Open acrylics?

Nancy Standlee said...

I used my regular Goldens mostly; however, I did borrow a few little blobs of a few colors from Kathleen and I think I'd like using them. She didn't use the Opens but the WN ones are supposed to stay wet longer and have a longer working time. For plein air work K. uses a Atelier Airtight palette and I'll put the link on my next blog post.

Nancy Medina said...

What a fun trip Nancy! I didn't realize you used to live out there. I used to work a few minutes from East Beach and got mugged by a homeless guy there once, but I still wish I had enough money to move back. Love the technique, your painting is full of beautiful color!

Nancy Standlee said...

Nancy, your florals would fit in great in that area..there were so many blooms everywhere. Kathleen is a great instructor and I just did what she said. It was her photo and she had taken some good ones. I have a homeless story I'll post later in the week.