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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pansy Painting with the Peeps, 8x8" oil, and a Journaling Workshop at Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, TX by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

 Pansies 13052
Oil on 8x8 cradled hardboard, no frame needed
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 Side View of the 3/4" cradled panel by my fading pansies. This one is made by Jack Richeson and can be hung flush against the wall over two nails without wire or hardware. It makes a very nice presentation with natural sides.

 The painting in progress with the transparent colors placed and before any of the opaques were added. This is the way I learned in the Carmel workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry and since some friends and I have signed up for another one this summer, this was our Dreama practice with some pansies from my yard.

I'm busy journaling each day and practicing for my one day watercolor art journal workshop at the Dutch Art Gallery. Read about it on my website at Http://
Here is a recent page spread:

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laura said...

Beautiful pansy painting. I have been struggling lately with painting jars; I will have to study yours!
And I like the journal pages: something I am always planning to (but never actually) try.

Nancy Standlee said...

Laura go study Dreama Tolle Perry as she has painting jars perfect but glad you like mine. I hope you get to journaling soon. Once you get in the habit you won't ever stop making entries, maybe you will skip months but you will always go back.