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Thursday, July 11, 2013

French Umbrella Oil Painting, Dreama Tolle Perry, Lexington, KY Workshop and Two One Day Workshops, Journals and Torn Paper Collage by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

French Umbrella Again
10x8 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord Panel
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This is the last painting I have to post from the Dreama Tolle Perry workshop in Lexington KY in June. We worked on 12x12 in the workshop and I posted my French Umbrella oil painting HERE. Those umbrellas were not as easy as Dreama made them look so I decided to try again on the day set aside to work on a photo from home. I was fortunate enough to travel with 3 TX friends to this workshop, Maryann, Karen and Connie.
Today I looked at my Lexington journal I kept during the 5 day workshop and remembered two of the new friends when I entered their names in my journal and when they joined us for a meal. A lot of the entries were all about what and where we ate. I also had a laugh when I came to my page of Karen's Sayings. I had seen a page of Karen's journal where she wrote down some of Dreama's quotes and sayings. On Friday evening, Maryann and I went for a nice dinner, Karen and Connie stayed at the workshop and painted (and painted and painted trying to get it right) and after a few texts it got later and later. I asked them to bring us a surprise back to the hotel, to stop by and tell us goodnight and on and on..and what Karen told me is on my Karen's Sayings page and no, I can't put it in this post but I assure you it is nothing like her Dreama Quote page. Keep a journal on your next trip and make a "sayings" page of quotes from friends or of passing conversations. It makes great journal fodder. 

One Day Workshops announced:
Torn Paper Collage - July 27  Dutch Art Gallery  

Sketchbook - Art Journal August 31 Dutch Art Gallery  

And I found a great link on different pens for journaling on Cathy Johnson's blog HERE:

I learned a great search tip this morning about searching on a Facebook group. I belong to Artist's Journal Workshop and I was just wishing you could search posts and one of the dear members says.. you can.. Click on the magnifying glass beside notifications and there is the search box.. How can you use this? For instance, you remember  someone wrote about a favorite Lamy pen but you don't remember when or where. Go to the magnifying box, click and type in Lamy pen. Thank you, Denita Tutwiler Wishart  for a great tip on GROUPS.

I love making up watercolor palettes and this one of Charles Reid's colors to use when painting from his book, Watercolor Solutions. The little Altoid box up in the corner is to hold my spicey colors that I just need..just in case. I've been going through the book and practicing some of the faces like these below, about 3 - 4 in. tall some in a sketchbook and some on separate paper.

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