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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Torn Paper Collage Commission and Art Journal Sketches and Collage Workshop News by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Collage Commission 
3 panels gallery wrapped canvas 4x6'

This has been a year long project as I met with the CEO and Chief of Staff in June, 2012 after they googled "collage artist" and my name came up. I listened to the presentation and vision for this collage and after research and many hours it was approved. After I had two back to back workshops I just could not see how I could complete this larger collage. I can manage a 20x20" high heel in my studio but I doubted this would even fit in my living room. I had to decline and within a few hours 3 of my collage artist friends said we'll help you and one of them had a large studio space where we could keep the panels out and ready to glue our papers. I ordered gallons of gel, canvas and varnish and brushes and away we glued for most of the fall and winter. We used the foundation's papers they had been accumulating and our client wants to remain anonymous. We didn't work every day but we did have lots of "lunch" meetings for discussions and we worked with the client making adjustments as the work progressed with the quote and the hands. What a learning experience this has been with the knowledge you have some very good and hard working friends. Thanks to Maryann Stephens, Connie Michael and Karen Foster, some of my Canvas by Canvas friends, and to Dennis Hevia our photographer. 
Our client sent a truck for the panels and the collage is hanging somewhere in the North Texas area and the photographs have been mailed and we're waiting to see our project hanging with the new owners.
A "Working" Lunch at the Blue Mesa

Why not throw some paper?.. it's Maryann studio.

I've been following along on my friend and artist Dreama Tolle Perry's virtual trip to France. She went. I didn't. Here are my latest journal entries.

My art journal workshop has been rescheduled for later in the summer. Please email me if you are interested. It will be at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas for one day. My email is If someone invites you on a virtual vacation, grab your sketchbook, pen and watercolors and hop on board. It is a fun way to travel and you get to sleep in your own bed. The above sketchbook came from Michaels (with a coupon) and it's a Daler Rowney Cachet 7x10 with a magnetic flap and a brush, 120 lb and takes watercolor well. 

My one day collage workshop July 27 can be read about HERE.

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

What a great post. The collage is AMAZING. Love it and as warm and friendly as you are it is no surprise to me that your art buddies would help you out
I have really enjoyed seeing the Dreama paintings too. Your journals are treasures