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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ranch Blossoms ~Bestest Blog ~ Bestest Workshop ~ Bestest Art Blog ~ Art Blog

Ranch Blossoms $190.00
16” x 12”, Acrylic on watercolor paper adhered to gallery wrapped canvas ¾” profile
Last summer I had a delightful workshop on a ranch near Marble Falls. I first saw Robert Burridge’s work on the Cheap Joe’s Art Catalog. It was a a series of coffee cups similar to the ones offered on the Amazon link and I was smitten. That is the power of a painting. I had to know more about this artist and his technique. I purchased his book, his cd’s and tapes, and decided I’d go anywhere to take a workshop. Ranch Blossoms is one of the pieces begun in that workshop. We painted in a metal building with the doors open as there wasn’t air conditioning and this was Texas in September. We wore wet towels around our necks to stay cool. It was glorious.

Now I’ve scheduled a figurative workshop with him in October in Mendocino, California. Bob states in his book Loosen Up
“Remember, all this thinking and creating is just
a game. There is no ultimate significance to it all. However, it’s the best
game there is. I only know that I’m happy to play the game and I paint. But
what it is that I am about to paint, what happens, I never know in advance.”
When I was painting that week at Dena Wenmohs Ranch, I didn’t plan this painting. It just happened. I call the painting “Ranch Blossoms” a mystical name for a mystical painting. It was hot and dusty and one of the most creative weeks I’ve ever had. No TV, out in the country with the donkeys who followed you on the short walk to the main house for lunch at Dena’s home, just eating, talking, dreaming painting.

Bobby Griffin over at the Bestest Blog is setting up a new directory this morning. I will post more about it later.
Thanks to Peter Chen's Blogger Tips and Tricks article I was able to get the workshop photo in the middle of the page!! Yoo-Hoo!
I just knew "bestest" wouldn't be in the dictionary but surprise at I found this entry. It's slang and had one entry. It will probably NOT be my new favorite word.


Margie said...

Love the Ranch Blossoms painting.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Nancy,

You wouldn't be thefunctionalartist in the Google Help group would you?

Actually not here to poke my nose around but to thank you for taking time to leave a comment in my post Uploading and manipulating images in Blogger and for your kind words.

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Blogger for Dummies

Nancy Standlee said...

No, Peter, I'm not but I'll check out that group. I belong to some Yahoo groups and at this stage I need a lot of help.

Connie Michael said...

Bob Burridge must be so proud, Nancy, to have inspired you. I really like Ranch Blossoms and it's title. Great job.