Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Red CROCS by Nancy Standlee

6" x 8"
Acrylic on artist canvas panel

Red Crocs
I mentioned in a post of my recent experience at Tampa General. Instructions stated to wear something loose and comfortable for admitting. Crocs fit that description and I needed a red something for flash since I couldn’t have my turquoise jewelry or makeup. Soon after I entered their covered pavilion walkway, I was stripped and told to wear their duds consisting of a back tied skimpy gown and blue paper shoes. I would always choose cute red plastic over blue paper in footwear. My comfy clothes were deposited in a large white plastic tote along with my Crocs. I thought the medical profession liked Crocs. (The Crocs company doesn’t call it plastic but a material called Croslite.)
Are my red Crocs the ultimate shoe faux pas – worse than wearing white shoes after September 1? At my age I really don’t need to fall and the Crocs are steadying forces, not unlike my last summer sandals, MBT. I became a little concerned when I was given a dvd explaining how to walk in them after I wrote the check. I thought I had walking down pretty pat. When reaching senior years your kids sometimes take away your car keys, but mine have been threatening to take away my MBTs because of the rocking motion when I come to a stop. Forward is ok. So far they haven’t threatened to take away the red Crocs and I really do feel like a shoe fashionista when wearing them. What artist would not like the wonderful palette of colors in fuchsia, green, purple, yellow and good old red.
The painting style is different today, more whimsical, and smaller in size, fun to paint. I’m not ready to pin down my “style”. After retiring I thought a few lessons would become a nice little leisure activity but it has become a way of life.
May the tread on your Crocs never wear down.


gotyme4u said...

WAY COOL CROCS Nanc. I can see that this blog thing could get pretty darn competitive. HMM..what shoe to paint next. Can't even beat your stories though. :) See ya manana.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

What fun they must have been to paint -- those whimsical crocs! Your closing line sounds like it belongs at the end of an Irish blessing:

"May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. . . and may the tread on your Crocs never wear down ."

Pcasso said...

Crocs rock and so does our Miss Nancy. May you never stumble or tumble on your journey down the road of life while wearing your little red shoes.

Margie said...

Nancy, Do you ever sleep?
Your crocks rock! MW

Gallery Juana said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Came over to your blog via I love your sense of color in the "crocs" painting and the "golden days" painting.

juj said...

Great story and really fun painting. My daughter's school banned crocs last year as "too dangerous"!?! I wish you had been there to set them straight.

Robert said...

Nice work nancy..... it's a nice art on shoes.