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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop ~ VerveEarth

This is a work in progress (WIP) I started today in the Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop given by SWA. The eyes look a little squirrelly because I just removed the masking fluid showing the white of the paper and no one's eyes are ever that white. This painting will get more attention on Wednesday.
I have posted a slide show of some of the images of Joe's painting in progress and some of his framed pieces he brought from Indiana in his car. I wanted to share his lovely work and he will have to forgive me for the horrible glare on most of the pieces and then I tilted the camera to remove some of the glare. It is a real treasure to find so many original works of art on view by the workshop instructor.
This is Joe's clarion call to us to assemble, get quiet, and begin to work. If you've ever taken one of his workshops I'm sure you know the drill. He is a real task master and told us if we needed to visit do it at lunch because he was there to teach and we were there to learn. And learn we did. Most of the workshops I've taken the instructor usually demonstrates in the morning and the students paint in the afternoon. Joe breaks down the painting process in several small demos during the day and we return to our "studio" to paint what he has just taught and I've found it to be a very effective way of learning. He gives us small things to learn and breaks the learning down into small bits and while we are applying the technique he is walking the room answering questions and giving more instruction. He provided our reference photo material, a dramatic lady with a large black hat and we all worked on it together. By 4:00 today as I walked the room and looked at each person's work, I was very impressed with the results. We should get this project finished Wednesday morning and begin a horse in the afternoon and I've never painted a horse so this will be fun.
Today we concentrated on techniques of paint application, values, moisture, color and composition. Joe's materials are discussed on his web site where he maintains The Smallest Brush/Colors Art Store in the Universe.
The Maimeri colors he uses are listed on the order form. or Verve Earth
I've listed my blog on this very cool new site as bloggers are telling the world's stories as they happen and Verve Earth is meant to be a canvas for their voices. Travel the map/world and see a site that interests you. After you are registered you can add the destination to your favorites. On the left side is a zoom level and more content can be found by zooming in or you can do a search by typing in a city. I've had some trouble with their search button so just press enter on your keyboard. Type in Arlington, Texas and you should find Nancy Standlee Art Blog and the Artist Food Network that belongs to Canvas by Canvas (the collaborative group where I belong).
Enjoy the slide show below. Mouse over for captions.


William F. Renzulli said...

Impressive!! Can't wait to see todays results.

Connie Michael said...

Great post, NS. Your painting is looking good. This looks like a workshop I would like. Thanks for posting all the pics.