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Sunday, April 20, 2008

LYLAS 4 ~ "Maginty" ~ J. M. W. Turner Exhibit ~ DMA ~ Angel Painting

LYLAS 4 "Maginty" Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
This is the fourth in the Lylas series. See this post to read how the paintings came to be.

Now to the DMA

J. M. W. Turner "The Angel Standing in the Sun" 1846
was painted in his 70's and it shows where the light of the sun dissolves the boundary of Heaven and earth and an angel appears causing a bridge between Heaven and earth.
The Turner exhibit closes at the Dallas Museum of Art May 18 and it was very busy when I attended Thursday, April 17. I recommend you make the trip and get the audio guide. I'm an artist without an art history degree and much of my Turner education came from this visit. From this brief day of information, I think Turner would have been an art blogger with a web site promoting his art. I'm an art blogger and I think I know one when I see one. He embraced the technology at the time and was a canny business man. While other artists would wait until their painting was hung to put on the final varnish, Turner opted to do some actual painting on his, in other words a short free demo and then varnish causing more hype. Usually his paintings included some descriptive statement with a few lines of poetry and sometimes the poetry was written by him. Sounds like a blogger to me.
Turner, at times, used watercolor like oil and oil like watercolor. On several paintings the oil was used so thinly the texture of the weave of the canvas was visible. The exhibit is a dazzle to the eyes with approximately 140 works and there are over 20 stations discussed with the audio guide. It is the largest and most comprehensive retrospective ever held in the U.S. of J. M. W. Turner's works in oils and watercolors (1775-1851). One word, LIGHT, has always been associated with his work and it is prominent in his depiction of seascapes, mythology, religious themes, imagination and historical events.
The one above, The Angel Standing in the Sun, spoke to me as I'm been painting some angel type figures and up close you could only view one wing.
Here are some links of this particular angel piece and gives more insight and explanation of the work. Eat a hearty breakfast before going as you will want to linger and read the additional information posted by the paintings or you can take a museum lunch break and go back in the afternoon but please go. If you have time, the Wikipedia article would give a little additional information before attending.

Another view of the painting.

Art Notes.



Margie said...

I like your Angel and the color better than Turners.
Just my humble opinion.
Enjoyed the info on the exhibit.
Thanks for sharing.

Canvas by Canvas said...

I think you are right Nanc, he would have been a blogger!! I have always loved his light infused work and will try and get to the exhibit. But I have to agree with Margie, I like your colors better!! bg