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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nancy Self Portrait Watercolor and Grace Watercolor

Nancy Self Portrait Watercolor on gesso 240 pound paper
22" x 15"
The Graham Trip girls, Cindy Yandell, Karen Foster, and Barbara Hackney, of Canvas by Canvas painted together today at the Upstairs Gallery. I gave my portrait painting some "hot licks" signed and photographed it for a show entry. I think the gesso dulls the paint somewhat but I love being able to lift the paint so easily by using a wet brush and the spashes and drips are texture effects I've always liked.

15" x 18" Watercolor on Clear Gesso 300 lb. paper
I took photographs of a child for the Myrna Wacknov workshop and tried painting Grace on Tyvek in the class and decided I needed more practice. Today I painted my granddaughter, Grace, on the left. with a friend at Grace's 5th birthday party. All the children were sitting on a blanket out in the back yard opening presents and all the guests were snuggled up close. I caught this pose and both of the girls looked so serious to be at a celebration. Again I think the colors are a little faded out by being painted over the clear gesso but I do like the texture and lifting abilities. Be sure and use a synthetic brush as the rough gesso could damage a watercolor sable. I think I'd like to try painting Grace with watercolor on regular 140 pound paper. My daughter, Dana, cautioned me to "make her hair curl under a little" and by the time I finished I had a hard time distinguishing where a little side pony tail began. Now I don't know what to call them. Long ago when I fixed Dana's hair with two side pony tails, I called them "dog ears" or are they "pig tails"? I consider a "pony tail" just one in the back. I'm sure to hear from someone what to call little side pony tails these days.


Margie said...

Nice paintings, Nancy.
You are getting so good at portraits.

Cecelia said...

The portraits are just gorgeous! Softened colors are beautiful, sometimes, and appropriate for some subjects, so that doesn't hurt. Thanks for the tip about the brushes!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Margie and Cecelia for stopping by. I forget how soft watercolors can be after working with the acrylics for awhile.