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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stephen Quiller Workshop ~ Watercolor-Acrylic Workshop ~ Day 2

This is Stephen's Quiller's afternoon demo and I didn't realize I didn't have a better photo but will take one tomorrow. When we have a short break, there is always a line waiting to take a photo of the progress of the painting and I can do better on this one.
Today we discussed color temperature change, color families, and working with neutrals. He said that 75% of paintings we see will be in neutrals and there is very little pure hue in his paintings. He had 2 morning demos and one in the afternoon. In the afternoon demo he didn't use a photo reference but painted from a black and white sketch he'd drawn from his memory. He thinks he gets too photographic in his painting style if he uses a photo and he likes to paint what he feels. For the landscape and tree painting today, he painted negative shapes which is always beautiful but hard to grasp at times. I will need more practice to work like this.
During one of the demo's today his cell phone rang (his wife bought it for him) and he had an important call and had to take it because he doesn't know how to retrieve his voice mail yet and yes, we gave him a hard time about that.
Wednesday evening we will leave class, get a quick dinner, and head for the SWS meeting where he will provide the program and another demo. He did say it will be something new that he has not covered in class. I will keep you posted on the progam.
Below is a slide show from the last 2 days:


Margie said...

Another great post on Qiller's workshop. Thanks for the slide show.

Nick said...

Thanks for posting this, Nancy. My uncle in Albuquerque owns some Quillers and I've always wanted to see him at work. I'll be back to check the progress.

Nancy Standlee said...

You're welcome, Margie. Thanks for stopping by.

Hello, Nick, Good for your Uncle. I inquired about a very small one, does that count? Stephen plans out his paintings and is so confident in what he's going to do. I related more to Janet Rogers when after a stroke, she'd say.."Why did I do that? or I didn't mean for that to happen".. that's more like me.

Anonymous said...
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