Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wine Bottles Acrylic Painting ~ Celebration Times 5 ~ Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Celebration #1

Celebration #2

Celebration #3

Celebration #4

Celebration #5

These are 5 paintings I've completed for the Fort Worth Community Arts Show. On the right bottom is the prospectus but if you have Vista, Adobe pdf files will freeze up your computer when you try to open them. Entries are due November 15. The show is their annual 9" x 12" works on paper show and entries are not framed but sent in an envelope and are priced at $100 each. Original entries can be any size just so they will fit in a 9 x 12 envelope. The reception will be December 15 from 6-9 and the exhibition will be open December 12-27, 2008. The entry fee is $5.00 for each work and artists are allowed 5 entries. I have yet to sell anything when I've entered but a fellow Canvas by Canvas member, Barbara, has so I'll keep entering.
These 9x12 paintings are on gesso watercolor paper with some collage, stamping, and with a few touches of gold acrylic to give a little holiday bling. I decided to work on a series after the Robert Burridge workshop and I had a few rubber stamps with me and was inspired with what he had done with wine bottles. The collage is from some of the paper towels that had been stained with the acrylics in use. I began 3 of the pieces while in Corpus in October and this week I have added some extra touches and completed the last 2 paintings.


Connie Michael said...

These look great, Nancy. Good luck with the showing. I hope everything sells. Cheers!

Nancy Standlee said...

OK, Connie, we'll go in there with that attitude and if not, I bet I come back swinging next year.

Caren said...

Hi Nancy, I discovered your blog after doing some research on Robert Burridge. I'm wanting to take a class from him next year and in part your blog has convinced me to do so! Hope I can get signed up for the one I want.

Does Robert encourage doing a series of same-subject paintings? I'm currently trying to focus a bit more rather than have my style/subject be too broad spectrum. Love to hear any thoughts you can share.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Caren. You will love Bob's class and the one in Dallas in April has been filled for some time so sign up early if you find one you want. He is booked for workshops for the next 3 years.
Yes to the series. He says you don't learn anything by painting a subject one time and he does the series as little warm ups before actual painting. He has a workbook available on his site that explains his way of working and some dvd's but there is nothing like being in a class and watching him paint. Hope this helps. ns

Caren said...

Nancy, I am signing up for the April '09 Loosen Up workshop in Sedona. There are still openings. I live in Colorado, and by the time April rolls around, Arizona will be a nice warm place to visit.

Bob looks like a fun guy, I am really looking forward to learning from him.

laura said...

I love seeing the evolution of the subject--very bright, nicely painted!

Nancy Standlee said...

Caren, I'm so glad you've signed up for the Burridge workshop. You will learn so much but he gives so much information it's hard to grasp it all in one workshop - that's why I keep taking more. I'd love to visit Sedona. I went to Tuscany with the Sedona group for Ted Nuttall.

Hello, Laura, I think you're willing to take more chances and "what if's" if you know there's another one to paint on. I love the acrylic because you can keep painting until it looks right to you...which sometimes takes a while.

desaraev said...

What a nice little wine and glass study. I need to get back into some classes to advance my stuff, any tips?

Anonymous said...