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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anne Bagby Workshop ~ Artists' Showplace ~ Texas Art Blog

Approximately 5" square image made from a collage of handmade papers from the Anne Bagby workshop held at Artists' Showplace. This example was placed in my journal. I made the face area from a page of the 1924 The Outline of History by H.G. Wells. I like some of the text to show.

Project on a 12" square of deli wrap of handmade papers done Saturday, colored and stamped and collaged. Anne said keep it simple and watch your values. This was anything but simple and it was too much the same value so I added lots of line work. Today I covered a 7" x 10" journal with the page. On the inside I'd pasted a Dan Burt drawing from his workshop. This journal will be used for drawing more than journaling. Anne says she takes the paper out to cover the journals but I worked around the rings and ran a line of paint connecting the edges. Not as neat but it's still together from someone who can't reassemble a ballpoint pen.

Art Journal Page 78
A trip to Aggie land for a wedding and seeing my first bluebonnets.

Art Journal Page 79
Still on the move but time to check out Grace Haverty's sketches. Packing, packing again for the Bagby workshop and it is a 3 day from Thursday to Saturday.
Art Journal Page 80
Anne's card, her chop, some instructions and my small work for my journal. See the stamp at the left of the's an Anne Bagby original I won by using the most line - hope she doesn't ask for it back after she reads this post. Some of us Southern girls in watercolor workshops find great comfort sipping a cup of Earl Gray and applying a watercolor or two but mixed media artists are a different breed. They work really fast and do what's called "speed collage". I'm a Southern Texan. I work slow, talk and hear even slower and like to have time to inquire about my neighbor's Mama occasionally. Don't let Anne Bagby's diminutive size mislead you. She's a one woman dynamo, spewing forth tips, orders, suggestions, and ideas in a rapid lively way and hence the notation in my journal of "General" Bagby. I may have exaggerated a little when I wrote in my journal she said "Move it, Nancy" but I sat at the front table and was under her all seeing eye. At times she did remind me I needed to forge ahead.
I was glad I'd ordered her DVD from Creative Catalyst as I was a little more prepared to know what to expect. We cut out stamps and made our papers on Thursday and Friday and worked on our projects on Saturday - when I got to have a cup of tea while working. I've learned new paper and stamp making techniques, met a fascinating new instructor, made some new friends and visited with some old ones at Artists Showplace. They have a great facility for workshops and provide individuals with nice long tables and the owners are helpful and encouraging. Restaurants are close by and there is plenty of parking for unloading art supplies.
Another treat was Anne's show, Prototypes in Paper in the gallery and we could view many of her 12" canvases. The show will hang during March.
Thanks, Anne, for your patience and explanations. On Saturday, we packed away our supplies and cleared off the tables leaving only our handmade paper and our projects then each student had a show and tell time. The hand stamped and painted papers were amazing and beautiful and now for more projects with our wonderful papers.

On Friday night a student of Anne's, Dianne Hicks, stopped by. She has been to France with her and taken other workshops in the states. Her web site is a treat.

I've included a slide show of some of the activities during the workshop:


HeartFire said...

Hi Nancy, found your blog over at Laura's Watercolors blog, which I found at? Anyway, I had a class from Anne a couple of years ago on textures - just loved it - your collage is great and so are your journal pages. You're inspiring me to try out a collage person like that, ala Bagby.
I see you are in Arlington, I've been in Seattle many years, but family is all back home in Iowa Park TX, a bit north of you...

Nick said...

I like that first one!!! Back in Dallas, huh? Say hi to everyone. :)

dominique eichi said...

Great post , I like these they are lovely. You should add Follow this blog here it would notify us bloggers when you post something new

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, HeartFire, have you tried out your collage yet? I've been in another workshop all week and haven't responded to any of my comments.

Hello, to you Nick and I was in Irving last week with Burridge again.

Dominique, you can be notified of any new posts if you'll put your email address up at the top right of my blog but I'll look into the "Follow this blog".. sounds interesting.

Thanks to all for a visit.

Eva said...

Nancy, I'm one of you biggest fans. Not only do I admire your energy and talent, but the workshop teachers you choose. Ann Bagby and Robert B. are also my favorites. Unfortunately I can't afford them or the energy they require. I just live vicariously through you!I hope you don't mind that I linked you on my blog.
Eva Macie

elljay said...

Nancy, As a Texan who's displaced/misplaced in Virginia, I LOVED your comment: "I'm a Southern Texan. I work slow, talk and hear even slower and like to have time to inquire about my neighbor's Mama occasionally." Amen, sister.
I just watched Anne Bagby's video last night and was astonished at her use of pattern, which is my delight. Yikes. I'm excited about this, but right now the cat wants to sit in my lap and I have to e-mail my art quilt friend to see how her daughter's wedding went. See, I've got the spirit of Nancy down pat.
Linda Jacks

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Linda. I was misplaced in Hampton, Va. for many years and I really loved being near the beaches. I am really learning how to do the "absolute" necessary and let the rest hang. Thanks for the visit and loved your quilt blog. I've made one quilt just to learn how after Georgia Bonesteel's book on Lapquilts..It grew and grew and ended up being a king size bed cover.