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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small Acrylic Landscape ~ Art Journal Pages

Small Acrylic Landscape
8" x 8" Ampersand on Gessoboard with 2" deep cradle

The plain birch plywood strips can be used as is but I decided I wanted a light stain on this one. Next time I will make a note to myself to not be in so big a hurry to get to the painting and mask off the area to protect the sides. I got a few drips and splatters but sanded them off. I bought these from a friend and wanted to see if I'd like painting on them. I think they give a nice professional look to a painting.

Journal Page 71
What to do when No. 1 son says, "I'm leaving for China Monday?" Play sick or feign a heart attack? All of those options ran through my mind. He was going alone but meeting someone to tour some factories. On Tuesday, that little TUJ inset was a "Thank you Jesus" when he called to say he arrived. Wednesday an eye check and the last one was 2004 and there is a pattern here of not good follow up on my part. I will have cataract surgery on both eyes later, much later. Much needed broom and mop work in prep for a house guest.

Art Journal Page 72
My house guest, Andy, was in for a jewelry workshop. She's the owner of Kickapoo Creek Jewelry and she brought lemons with real leaves from her sister's home. Oh, happy day, we went to DFW to welcome home our Indiana Jones. Monday is time to get away from reality and enjoy TNT's "Saving Grace" about our Oklahoma neighbors. Remember I mentioned a pattern..well here we go again - a teeth cleaning and I got the question "I hope you've been seeing another dentist since your last visit was in 2006." "Well, no. You quit sending me those cards so I quit coming." I did break off a sizeable chunk of a jaw tooth last year but it didn't hurt and I didn't have dental insurance so..and in the p.m. some CBC members hung our show at La Cima.

A slide show about the welcome home at DFW and our CBC paintings hanging at La Cima. Some of the acrylic paintings have a glare as the lighting was not the best and I had to use a flash. Enjoy.


Landscapeideas Team said...

beautiful are very talented..hope you can visit my blog at for my different side of art..

Nancy Standlee said...

Landscape Team, I did visit your blog and enjoyed the trip and visit very much. Your drawings are excellent.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Nancy - found you via Sandy Maudlin's blog and when I saw in your profile you are the same age as me, felt I had to scroll your blog to see what you are up to. Isnt life grand when you can paint to your hearts content. Really enjoyed the slideshow of the art exhibition. Why were so many of the works in windowlike squares?? Some great work.

Nancy Standlee said...

Nice to meet you Joan and I've placed my answer on your nice blog. Yes, I think this is a great time in our lives and I'm enjoying each day.