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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roosters ~ Sister Chicks ~ Iron Horse Inn ~ Granbury, TX

Rooster #1 (there's more on the way)
9" x 11" Watercolor on 140 lb. paper

Six "sister chicks" of Canvas by Canvas have been on a weekend painting retreat at the Iron Horse Inn in Granbury. At one of the last paint outs at the Lake House I took lots of good "fowl" pictures and decided this was the time to experiment. It was a cold, rainy time but Cindy, Karen, Maryann, Barbara, Connie and I did not care what the weather was about once we got unloaded and set up in Theresa's and Paul's Artistic retreat studio. Theresa is Irish and it was fun to hear the owners talk about their travels and Theresa is also a fellow blogger. We enjoyed wonderful breakfasts and met a young couple, Dr. Jason Moore and his wife, Amanda, who are doctors. See their photo in the slide show below and chickens, and more chickens. We ate at Babe's Chicken on Friday evening and there were chickens in the rafters and we were supposed to be celebrating the two members' (who didn't come) birthdays. But that has never bothered us with a birthday celebration so we had our very own proxy birthday girl, Maryann to do the chicken dance and blow out the candle. We had great food at Babe's and a whole bunch of fun. Betty and Margie sorry you missed your birthday celebrations.

Art Journal Page 73
Not one of my better days with clear beverages and a tooth crown, and a "procedure", a trip to Strawn to eat at Mary's Cafe where she serves chicken fried steaks that hang off large white platters with lots of white gravy, the brick smoke stack at Thurber. I got a note from Fealing Lin saying that she's going to be having a workshop in Dallas soon. I painted with her in a Tuscany workshop with Ted Nuttall. You will enjoy looking at Fealing's and Ted's watercolors on their sites. I needed a new travel brush.

Art Journal Page 74
A blog joke about early bloggers, a joke about big arms and email checking, (I relate to both of them), Myrna mentioned the Precise Pen in a post and I also like that pen for a pen sketch before adding some watercolor and it gives some diluted lines and interesting color. I have the "smaller laptop" bug, and Granbury packing taking some journaling supplies and next post I'll show some slides from the Tony Saladino critique.
Myrna also wrote a nice tribute to artist Al Zerries.

Mouse over for the slide show captions.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What a fantastic weekend - location and companions. Each and everyone of those babes photos in the sideshow needs to be painted as a series. No wonder you went for a rooster to work on with all that influence. Great post full of fun. Wish I lived nearer if this is what you get up to together.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Joan, thanks for stopping by and you'd be welcome..the only requirement is that you like to laugh and be willing to be the "birthday girl".

lila said...

Thanks for sharing your art journal and the fun you had at the Paint-out!
I ran across you on Shirley Trevena's blog and stopped by. I plan to add your to the links on my painting blog.

mollie jones said...

Hey Nancy. That Rooster weekend must have been a real "hoot". You guys looked like you were having a ball...not to mention the great art you produced.

Nancy Standlee said...

Lila, It's always nice to meet an admirer of Shirley Trevena and thanks to you and Mollie for stopping by. Stay turned for more roosters.