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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Monday, June 27, 2011

Contemporary Abstract Painting ~ "Divided Highway" 11026 by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

"Divided Highway" 11026
Contemporary Abstract Acrylic PaintingLink
Canvas 16"x20"1.5 with texture, collage, stamping

Traffic Related Titles:
See my previous post about why I've chosen these titles for this series of works. The first announcements of the morning had to do with cars, traffic and parking at the Cheryl McClure Workshop in Dallas. For example, don't park and where to park. Don't park in the first 3 spaces behind Don Pepe's Rancho Mexican Grill (that's their loading/delivery zone). I researched some of the Texas traffic signs and realize we have a lot of "Do Not" ones. No Soliciting, No U Turns, No Parking. In Texas we have a lot of good highways to travel our long distances and we see a lot of "Traffic Fines Double" because of the many work zones but we really appreciate our good roads.

This contemporary abstract acrylic painting came to the workshop with some telephone book page collage, some stamping and marks of two figures so I had a good start for this warm colored painting. I added more texture with modeling paste before toning the canvas and beginning the paint/take away process.
Robert Burridge introduced me to Nova Paint and I used some of those paints in this series of paintings along with my regular paints of Holbein, Winsor Newton and Golden. Carol Nelson is the queen of texture and has introduced me to many different kinds of textures available and now I've learned of a new texture from Cheryl, Nova's Lightweight Texture Paste and I'm waiting for my order to arrive. I've been attending Tony Saladino's critique group for several years and have taken some workshops with him. He is a great abstract artist I admire. I'm looking forward for a fall workshop with Carolyn Riegelman and I adore her red paintings. I kept trying for a solid red in the Dallas workshop but they always turned into something else, except maybe one I'll post later so check back later and thanks for your visit.


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Eva said...

I really like your new paintings. Tony Saladino is one of my favorite artists. You are so lucky to live close enough to have his input.
I have never heard of Nova paints. What is so special about them?

Nancy Standlee said...

Eva, Nova's are a little less expensive, comes in jars, and have highly pigmented colors..but most of all you can use paint extravagantly.

Eva said...

The price is always a consideration. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings.

Carol Nelson said...

Love you new collage. Did you get the Nova paints in fluid or paste form? I'm going to check them out.
Like that "queen of texture" LOL

Connie Michael said...

Nice, Nancy! I like this a lot.

Nancy Standlee said...

Carol, in my book you are queen of texture and you might like the Nova's light texture paste. The Nova colors don't come in tubes, but jars and I'd say they are a cross between fluid and a tube texture. If you do a lot of painting (you) they are a $$ saver. I've ordered the texture paste but on these pieces I used "our" combo of modeling paste and Elastomeric.

ErikaBrandner said...

I like your paintings very much....great colors and form in your collage...

Nancy Standlee said...

Thank you Erika.