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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Robert Burridge Workshop at Dena's Ranch ~Abstract Painting ~ by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

 "Toward the Sun"
24x36x1.5" acrylic abstract

The Robert Burridge Abstract Acrylic Painting and Collage workshop August 22-26, 2011 at Dena's Ranch has begun but I stayed over from the previous 3 days workshop last week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I could not wait to start painting abstracts. The above painting was done over the weekend before the workshop started. It may be subject to change AFTER some Burridge instruction this week.
Last week we discussed having a series of work like we were planning a show. While I was checking the spelling of "heliotrope" one of the definitions besides being a light shade of purple, or reddish lavender was any plant that turns "toward the sun". I liked that phrase as the SUN (weather) has been the topic of conversation for weeks/months here in central Texas. We feel like we're had a full-frontal assault from the sun for weeks. Truly the sun has been the star of the summer show of 2011. Light comes through my bedroom window and signals it's time to begin the painting day. The sun follows me to the kitchen and blast through the undraped windows making the computer screen difficult to read. We know the quiet has ended when Dena pops the top on her Dr. Pepper can and the action begins.

 Bob and Kate Studio Opening Saturday Night

 Mark Thomas Studio Opening

Some Dressed Up Bobettes Jo, Dena, Nancy and Jean

Bob and Kate and the Bobettes at the opening

Nancy Centipede Killer

Monday, first day of our abstract class, Dena was out of the room taking care of ranch business when a lone brave centipede appeared causing a squealing, screaming sensation. He'd read in the Centipede News they had water drops on a cool cement floor and he braved it in from the west to check it out and he could hear Bob's cool jazz in the distance.. If you've taken a workshop with me you know I always carry lots of supplies. It usually goes something like this "Do you have a pen I could borrow?" Me: Yes, would you like a rolling ball, gel, or waterproof, fine or medium tip? Or.. do you have a ruler Me: Yes. Do you want a strait edge, plastic, metal with a cork base, 36", 12" or 6"..Ok.. you get the drift. So it should be no surprise to hear me yell "I have my Aunt Myrtle's hammer just a minute. (This little tack hammer with a broken claw has been passed down in our family). I tried a warfare flank attack instead of a full frontal and began to strike blows in his middle parts hoping to slow him down but missing about the same number of times as I hit and he'd escape. Brother Cletus was heard to shout "Hit him on the head". The other 17 in the class was trying a retreat technique or as Sue in the photo putting their legs up in a chair. Bob, from California, was heard to say "I don't believe in killing little creatures." So on my next supply list for Dena's place will be a large ball-peen hammer for Grannie Thor hoping to get him on the first blow instead of chipping up Dena's floor. Now we can get back to abstract painting..maybe but I'll keep my warfare weapons nearby.

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Unknown said...

What fun. Not bug killing, but painting with Bob can't be anything but fun. Haven't had one of his workshops yet.
Thanks for sharing the event.

Connie Michael said...

Sorry I missed all that! :)

Virginia Floyd said...

Too funny! I'd have loved to take his workshops, but I don't know anything about acrylics. I love his works!

Nancy Laliberte said...

Oh my gosh, Nancy, you are so funny! Not only are you a fabulous painter but a comedienne, as well! "Artertainment" at its finest!