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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Rest of the Story 12023, Seated Figure, Oil Painting, 8x8, DPW painting challenge, by Texas Contemporary Artist, Nancy Standlee

The Rest of the Story
Oil Figurative Painting Challenge
 8x8 gessoed hardboard with a 3/4" cradled natural edge

I have my recent works at the online gallery at Daily Paintworks and each week the group has a painting challenge. I have never entered before until the above oil painting of the seated figure. I've also added the widget to my blog. Go HERE to read about the challenge and you don't have to be a member of DPW to enter. It's fun to see others interpretation of the photo or you can choose a personal photo. This is an oil painting and if you follow my blog you know I've just returned from my very first oil workshop in Lodi CA with Peggi Kroll Roberts. I learned a lot but now my interest is piqued and I've registered for the March workshop in Tucson. Check Peggi's list of workshops HERE.
If you can't get to a workshop she has 2 great sets of instructional DVD's on her website. 
The three day Tucson workshop (Costumed Model Studio and Plein Air),  will be held at the Tucson Art Academy. 

Signing your paintings in oil:
I'm having a cram course in all things oil and asking lots of questions, reading and researching. The signature is one of the questions and there are lots of others. I sure can't use my faithful Sharpie Paint pen to sign with as in my acrylics. I'm working on small panels and have a long name and before I get it all written something has gone wrong and it's not in proportion so I've decided to go with initials on the front with full information put on the back of the panel. I went to the Richard Diebenkorn Ocean Park exhibit at the Modern in Fort Worth recently and these were very large paintings and he used his initials so I'm following his example. I welcome your comments on your feelings about your signature.


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Suzy Pal Powell said...

AWESOME! Nancy, i love it!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thank you so much, Suzy. I was thinking of you yesterday and nice to hear from you.

Virginia Floyd said...

Nice job on this challenge, Nancy!

I too have a long name, so I sign V Floyd. I think initials are just fine. That's how carol Marinr signs her small paintings. You are in good company.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thank you Virginia for your input about the signature. I didn't know CMarine used her initials - will have to pay more attention.

Donna said...

Love this painting. Nice work with the oils! I also suffer the long last name syndrom. I used to use my initials and sign the back until I discovered Sharpies, but in oils I guess you'd either have to thin them into ink cosistancy or go with the initials. I think either way is fine :)

JanettMarie said...

Welcome to the world of oil paint Nancy!
I often tell my students that signing your name takes a lot of patience. Take your time, you will develop your mark.
Also, if you don't mind waiting for your painting to dry for a few days, you can go back and sign it with your Sharpie oil paint pen.
Drying time, depends upon the type of medium you use with your oil paint. Liquin really speeds drying time if you need.

Nancy Standlee said...

Donna, thanks for the hints and stopping by.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hi Janet Marie, and thanks for taking time to give me some tips. The jury is still out on the mediums..what a selection and which one? At the present I'm trying out about 3 different ones and all so different from the world of acrylics.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Hello Nancy! This is such a nice the tennis shoes and hat! The elderly are dear to my heart. I used to work in home health and I miss working with them so much! Your piece captures how I hope to be when I am old...sitting and reading and enjoying the outdoors!

Signatures...I am very inexperienced and I have wondered about this myself. Why can't you use a sharpe all the time? Or maybe a fine point pitt pen? That would make it so easy! When I was at a Norman Rockwell exhibit, I noticed his signatures were different on certain paintings.

Nancy Standlee said...

Lisa, thanks and we need people like you to love the elderly..and I am one. Think I'll just go with initials..