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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two More Small Oil Studies from the Peggi Kroll Roberts DVD's by Texas Contemporary Artist Nancy Standlee

Oil Study Still Life 12029
From the Peggi Kroll Roberts DVD: Edges and Palette Knife
10 x 8 on birch wood panel

Oil Study Figurative 12030
From the Peggi Kroll Roberts DVD: Figures in Sunlight
8" square MDF board

I'm still chuckling at myself this morning. Do we not give a quick look at our phone messages first thing of a morning? I saw I had a FB notification from Peggi Kroll Roberts with the title "Put These Offenders Away!!" My first and only thought is that she is offended by my oil studies taken from her DVD's. I ordered both sets and have been enjoying painting along with these 30-45 minute DVD's. If she doesn't want someone to paint from them why offer them for sale? Oh the questions running through my mind. This does not sound like the kind spirited and sharing person I met at the Lodi workshop. Maybe someone hacked her account? Later when I got to my computer and went to my Facebook page I see this is an invitation to join her cause: Justice for a special dog and the cry to put the offenders away who did the injury to the animal...Whew! She was not referring to my little oil studies at all. 

The palette knife painting above could be my favorite and I'm trying to decide why -- A still life, because it nearly painted itself, good contrast, has some red in it, or is it the palette knife work. I will try another still life with my own set up soon. I've been haunting the thrift shops looking for some items I've probably discarded earlier. I think back to a blue metal coffee pot from Solvang, CA I discarded several years ago..waaah.. doesn't this always happen? Throw  it away/donate it and then want it back. It happened when I finally got rid of years and years of dress pattern collecting and then needed them for collage. I was totally blown away at the quantity and quality of the still life items Peggi set up for our first day of studio painting at the recent workshop.

The Figures in Sunlight Lesson is one of Peggi's favorite way of working, figures in bright outdoor light and that is the subject for the upcoming Tucson workshop at the Tucson Art Academy.


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Vickie said...

Hi Nancy, I am really enjoying your new oil studies...they are just wonderful and so loose and relaxed looking...I am wondering how that would work in acrylics as well. I am considering the DVDs to get me started. I enjoy all your work so much and am so inspired with each new piece. The part about looking back on things we give away made me smile...lordy I do this all the time. I gave away a case of what they call gator board...very expensive! What was I that I am into collage stuff...Whaaaaaaa!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks for the comment Vickie and really, gator board?? Yikes. I agree with your question about how the acrylics could be used in this manner. I'm a huge fan of acrylics (especially the part about stacking them with a piece of waxed paper in between when finished for the day) and later I'm going to experiment using some of the oil techniques. Also I have a few water soluble oils I want to try. My little blue Solvang coffee pot looked like the little cream colored in the painting. Not very long ago I got some clothes mixed up to donate and must have given away my favorite pair of jeans..anywho I can't find them and walk by the thrift shop aisles wondering if they are hiding in the rack somewhere.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Hi Nancy! I just was popping by to see what you've been painting. I love all these sweet little works...the tea pot is to die for. Such charm! I enjoyed seeing your work space too!

Until next time!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Lisa for stopping by.. and I'd like to do a few more with the palette knife. And that space in the photo was from the rented lake house - I think that was what you were referring to.. it's a beautiful place to paint overlooking a lake. At home I'm in a little cramped bedroom but glad to have it and it wouldn't be so cramped IF I could let go of some "stuff".