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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Torn Paper Collage, Whitney 13076 (collage beginning) Part 2, Day 7, 30 Paintings in 30 Days September 2013 Leslie Saeta Challenge, ArtByte on Collage by Texas Collage Artist Nancy Standlee

Whitney 13076
Torn Paper Collage Painting 20x16 on gallery wrapped canvas
Collage Commission 2nd stage

To see work by other artists who are following along with the 30/30 go to the Leslie Saeta blog. Many artists are painting a small painting each day and I did that in January for Leslie's 30/30 but for a larger collage it needs to be published in steps as this is a long process with designing and painting the papers needed. I will publish the finished collage in the next post.

In the previous blog post HERE, I showed the acrylic painting as the foundation on how to build the torn paper collage. I hand painted the papers for her blouse and began gluing. The horse came next with some papers from magazines, notes, old books, and a few hand painted, decorated pieces. The bridle was a brown sack type paper that I hand stamped with black paint. This photo has a glare from all the gel used on the background pieces but I was trying to get the canvas covered and waiting to do the face until later. (For gluing heavier papers I like Liquitex Gloss Gel.) I really like the hand painted blue paper around her face. It has many layers of color in this piece of paper and it was done several years ago in a workshop. You paint and design these papers and some are so beautiful you don't want to part with them. The more layers of color on a piece of paper the more interesting and more depth it will have. The next post will show the top of the horses head, some correction with the ears, Whitney's face, hair and arm and some finishing personal touches.

I have written an ArtByte about the process of torn paper collage for the Daily Paintworks site and it is being edited at the moment and will be available soon with more than 50 images. An ArtByte is a small online tutorial that may be free or it's very affordable. Mine will be very affordable. Here is the web address and browse and download some of the free ones by Carol Marine or another favorite artist such as Julie Ford Oliver that will explain some of the tools she uses in an oil painting technique. There are several very good free ArtBytes that are filled with information. When you get to the Daily Paintworks web page, look under tutorials. Here is my online gallery at Daily Paintworks.

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Joan of LLD and ART is A Rhapsody Treasure said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, Nancy!

I am SURE they are going to Love it!!

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Happy Painting!