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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Landscape Workshop with Irma Ward, River Legacy Park Oil Painting, by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

River Legacy Park 14023
Oil 8x10 on linen panel

Painting the Landscape workshop with Irma Ward, May 23 and 24 in Arlington...hey, guess what? I stayed home and painted locally and what fun. I haven't had much experience with plein air painting and the weather has been very nice in Texas so I signed up for a two day landscape with Irma and it was a great way to be outside, learn something new and paint with friends. Irma has a very spacious upstairs studio in her home and the first day was theory (9-4) in the studio and on her patio and in the afternoon a small backyard color study. (I missed that part). The second day we met at River Legacy Park for painting on site. I had been admiring the purple thistles blooming along the roadside and knew right away I wanted to incorporate them into my painting.

Irma supplied the 8x10 Claessens #66 linen panels from Plein Air Panels and they are nearby to save on shipping and I have picked up a few in Kennedale for another workshop. 
This workshop was right on because:
1. Short walk to car
2. Shady spot
3. Weather was perfect
4. Fun companions
5. Instructor who knew how to teach
6. Lunch was delivered

I am pretty anal about my art supplies and I want to bring exactly what's on the supply list, even to the same size pencil..sad, I know but on Irma's demo Saturday morning when I asked my usual question, "Which brush are you using?" Irma "#10 Bristlon flat"!! After a short recovery that my Bristlon was at home and I had the natural bristle brushes that was on the supply list I recovered and produced two 8x10 paintings. 

Irma is a very generous instructor who provided handouts in a folder, gave us a value viewer, bungee cords, tube opener and her dear husband picked up our lunches after we had chosen from Jason's Deli Menu. Check her website for future workshops HERE.

 The Class Tracy, Betty, Maryann, Irma, and Stacy

 Irma's palette on the Soltek Easel.

Lunch ready and delivered. How cool is this, eating outside with artist friends and then jump right back into chasing that light. 

I have written an ArtByte about the process of torn paper collage for the Daily Paintworks site is available with more than 50 images. An ArtByte is a small online tutorial that may be free or it's very affordable. Mine will be very affordable. Here is the web address and browse and download some of the free ones by Carol Marine or another favorite artist such as Julie Ford Oliver that will explain some of the tools she uses in an oil painting technique. There are several very good free ArtBytes that are filled with information. When you get to the Daily Paintworks web page, look under tutorials. Here is my online gallery at Daily Paintworks.

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Sue Marrazzo said...

This looks so fun! One of these days, I'll give it a try,
Have a restful Sunday, Nancy!!!
Love your work, too!

Connie Michael said...

Nice work, Nancy. Maybe I'll be able to join y'all next time. Hope so!