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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Paris Roses, Oil Painting from the Hedi Moran Workshop, Day 2, Scottsdale, AZ and Sketchbook Skool by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Paris Roses 14019
16x20 Oil on traditional depth gallery wrapped canvas 3/4" 
Ready to frame and available on Daily Paintworks HERE. 

I was in Scottsdale AZ last week painting with Hedi Moran and 14 others in a floral workshop held at the Scottsdale Artists School and I painted this on a Tuesday. I really like the vase with "Paris" on it. See my previous post for more info about this workshop HERE.
If you'd like to read Hedi's supply list, it's listed on the Quinlan Visual Arts Center site HERE. When she travels she likes to use a small picture frame with glass as her palette (12x16). At home she has a bulletin board, 24x36 that she has covered with glass. In this workshop, she brought a smaller one to use but still large by most standards. Also, check out her Liquin bottle (the brown pill bottle) as it's so hard to get the lids off the Liquin containers she transfers some into an easier opening top. 
I am somewhere in the middle as my space is limited. Yesterday I got a bulletin board at Hobby Lobby, cork board, 17x23 and had Ace Hardware to cut a piece of glass and covered the board with gray palette paper, and hot glued the glass on top and it's ready for some painting time. There are no plans to cover it after a painting session is over. It fits perfectly on a folding Wall-Mart table. The lip on the board wasn't very deep so I decided I'd better leave the blue tape on the edges for safety.

On Friday late, before leaving on Sunday, May 4 for AZ,  I was cleaning out my backpack and found two old suckers, Tootsie Pop Caramel Apple, and I decided to eat one and I don't even like suckers, just guess I was bored with packing. Anyhow somehow it got stuck to a front tooth crown and when I tried to get it unstuck out came my tooth and it was impaled on the sucker, sitting straight up. Frantic calls to my dentist, then to an emergency dentist and got it "glued" back in place on Saturday afternoon but I had already decided toothless or not I was going to the workshop. It seems the tooth broke off into the crown so the fix was to glue it to the side teeth also. I told my classmates to look at me smile on Monday because there was a distinct possibility I'd lose it again sometime during the week. It's not fixed yet but I did have to make a journal entry. Usually when I'm on a trip I am so conscious of don't fall down, don't get sick, don't get your backpack stolen and now I'm going to have to add, "Don't pull out your teeth!"
This journal is a 9x6 Aquabee that I took with me to Scottsdale to write in what we painted and where I ate, etc. I've been enrolled for the last 6 weeks in Sketchbook Skool with Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene and this 6 weeks teacher has been Tommy Kane and he had us slow down and draw our kitchen for this week's homework and here is my page below. It seems in my kitchen I have an outside plant trying to get in a window where the kitchen table is and I've enjoyed looking at it's swirling twiggy branches. I thought the over the sink blinds were a little blah so I took some artistic license and moved some of the branches to that area. In the lily container on the sink are paint brushes, palette knives, a hammer along with dish washing supplies. "You might be a redneck if your houseplants aren't in pots". Class resumes July 4 with a new set of instructors. First semester has been great and a lot of fun.

I have written an ArtByte about the process of torn paper collage for the Daily Paintworks site is available with more than 50 images. An ArtByte is a small online tutorial that may be free or it's very affordable. Mine will be very affordable. Here is the web address and browse and download some of the free ones by Carol Marine or another favorite artist such as Julie Ford Oliver that will explain some of the tools she uses in an oil painting technique. There are several very good free ArtBytes that are filled with information. When you get to the Daily Paintworks web page, look under tutorials. Here is my online gallery at Daily Paintworks.

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