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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rose Oil Floral, Day 4, Hedi Moran Workshop, Scottsdale AZ and a Fall Sketchbook Journal Workshop by Nancy Standlee Texas Artist

Roses and Teapot 14021
16x20 Oil on 3/4" depth canvas
Available on Daily Paintworks

This was painted on day 4 of the Hedi Moran workshop at the Scottsdale Artist School, and she lives in Scottsdale,  and read more about it on previous posts. Hedi is a native of Norway and is there now teaching workshops. She is known for her florals and for using a very special "Hedi brush" by Princeton and that is available at the Just ask for the Hedi brush. Here is a photo on Dick Blick's site and they are called Children's brushes and as you see a very reasonable in price. I've seen her paint the whole painting using just this brush but then I think it's her touch instead of the brush!

Because I've recently taken a David Rankin workshop in Kanuga and then Roz Stendahl for a week in Sketchbook Skool, I sorta fancied myself that I might draw animals!! Not!! On my arrival on Sunday in Phoenix before the workshop I decided to check out their zoo with my camera and sketchbook. I enjoyed walking around and the first thing I saw was a Texas longhorn. I definitely need more study before I can draw a giraffe. I got sooo hot I had to call one of the Rangers to retrieve me with one of the golf carts and all the time thinking "you are not ready for drawing zoo animals" but Fort Worth has a great zoo and I may try it again. 

Suzy Pal is getting a new studio gallery in order and has invited me to Plains TX October 17-18, 2014 to give a 2 day sketchbook journaling workshop. See more details on my website at under workshops and sign up by writing Suzy at This is a description about the workshop I sent to Suzy today:

This two day workshop is all about you and how to record some of your life events.

This sketchbook journaling workshop will be an introduction to sketchbook journaling with pen and watercolor and will focus on YOU with  a "Love Your Life" theme. We will explore choices in sketchbooks and paints and palettes, examine some great reference books and I will demo techniques I use to keep various sketchbook journals. The student does not need any previous art experience or drawing experience but just needs to come with the desire to explore some possibilities of preserving some moments on their life journey. For example, we usually have some type of hot beverage each morning and it is a great beginning for an entry. We will begin with a structured lesson like this and then students will be able to add their personal experiences to their journals for Day One. On Day Two, we will explore travel journals and architecture and people drawings.
After sign up a supply list will be mailed with more details.
Some more details can be found on my website at under workshops.
A recent journal entry.

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devotedmomof7 said...

I have a sketchbook and seem to have no creativity on where to start with it. I've done an isolated drawing or two in it, but want to let it be like a travel diary of memories. You do such a GREAT job on this!!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks start out putting in some breakfast foods