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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hedi Moran Workshop, Fayetteville, AR., Day 1, Still Life Oil and Florals, Rose Painting by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee, Arlington, TX

Arkansas Roses 13059
Oil Floral, 16x20 on gallery wrapped, 3/4" depth canvas

 Hedi Moran starting on time and ready, set, and away we go.

Hedi's traveling palette, a Michaels' picture frame with a glass about 12" sq. and she cleans with a razor blade scraper.

Nancy and Hedi

I have had the best four day, floral still life workshop with Hedi Moran in Fayetteville, AR. at the motel where I stayed. Everything was perfect, nice cool weather, a great motel at the Guest House International with free breakfast and free wifi and a painting instructor who made sure her students succeeded. I had to laugh the first morning on Tuesday July 30  because she had us to arrive 15 minutes early and she took charge at 9 and began her demo. There was no hello how are you, no waiting for latecomers to arrive, no introductions and away we went taking notes and photos and we could not keep up with her. Some instructors wait 30 minutes for the last student to arrive then waste another 30 with introductions but not Hedi. Brenda Laney, workshop chairman of the Artists of Northwest Arkansas, barely got a chance to tell us where the bathroom was before that first brush stroke and by Thursday we did take the time to say where we were it. 
Hedi is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's a fast painter and worked on 16x20's for her demos and would finish them in about an hour and a half, talking and explaining her technique and colors all the while, and also would include some other techniques she wanted to share. We usually had an early lunch to beat the crowd then we had all afternoon (till 4:00) to paint one of the 4 setups around a very large room for the 7 students. I always wanted to paint which ever set up Hedi painted and Hedi would walk the room the rest of the time, going in order to each student and would advise, answer questions or if you'd like she would paint some on your painting and I always needed help. In reality the paintings I will show the next 4 posts will be a collaborative effort between us. I am surprised and very pleased with all my workshop paintings and now as I review them I'm wondering can I do this again?
Hedi is from Norway and she came to the US when she was 9 and you pronounce her name like "Hedi Lamarr" and not like Heidi of the Swiss Alps but I would get mixed up. She had just returned from a Norway visit and teaching 4 workshops there but don't plan to take one next year because she teaches these in Norwegian and you might be a little confused. Take one of the several she has on her schedule in the US and I'll post some of the locations later in the next post or so. 
If you ever had a desire to paint florals in oil I would recommend you take from Hedi. She was helping me on Friday at 4:00, quitting time when other instructors would have been packed up and ready to head out the door. Hedi doesn't have a website but has a Facebook page and she's from Scottsdale AZ and teaches at the Scottsdale Artists School HERE. I know there is another Hedi workshop in my future. For now you might like to hear an interview with her by Leslie Saeta on Blog Talk Radio HERE. 
How did I find Hedi? I've taken 2 workshops with Dreama Tolle Perry and Nancy Medina and found out they had both taken workshops from her and praised her teaching ability and work. I agree with their recommendation. 

Sold yesterday and painted in the Kentucky Dreama Tolle Perry workshop: 

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