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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hedi Moran Workshop, Fayetteville, AR, Day 2, Sunflowers Oil Floral, by Nancy Standlee, Texas Daily Painter

Sunflowers and Teapot 13060
Oil Floral Still Life 16x2 on 3/4" gallery wrapped canvas
Available from my on online Gallery at Daily Paintworks HERE

The sunflowers were painted on day two of the Hedi Moran Oil Painting Still Life Workshop in Fayetteville, AR last week. I haven't even unpacked everything and have already signed up for a 5 day in Georgia with Hedi in November. Because I think she is such a good instructor and painter I want to list some of her upcoming workshops that still have openings so you can join her if she's in your area.
November 4-8, 2013 in Georgia

Naples Florida two day class Feb 8-9, 2014 and a 3 day class Feb. 10-12
Here is a good bio from Naples Assoc. but the 2014 workshops haven't been posted, contact

Another 2 day here in AZ

And in Scottsdale, AZ May 5-9 for a 5 day at the Scottsdale Art School 

A good selection of her paintings can be found at this gallery: 

If you can't get to her workshops she has 3 DVD's at this site Liliedahl Video Productions.

Hedi painted four demos on 16x20 gallery wrapped canvases, 3/4" depth and she sold them to class members but if she travels with wet paintings, she stacks them, putting a clean one on top, and maybe taping them so they won't shift, puts them into her suitcase and will fly with wet paintings stacked. She does use Liquin before putting on the foundation transparent colors.  Interesting. I'm going to try this. Since I drove I used a redneck box setup that looked pathetic but it got them home. I have several wet panel carriers but not in this larger 16x20 size. We arrived for the workshop with our canvases gessoed a neutral gray. 
And now for the best tip of all, where you can get her Hedi brush and you will love the price. She loves painting with it and I arrived with several but she does magic with this brush she gets from Arizona Art Supply. But I watched as she traveled around to each student and would use their brushes and seems she has command of most brands!!
Call them IF you don't want 30.
Red Roses will be the next post

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Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVE the bright colors...especially the violet!