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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Free Style, a Rooster Oil Painting, 12118, or Why Girls Need Guys by Texas Contemporary Painter Nancy Standlee

 Free Style, A Polka Dot Rooster, 12118
10"x8"x3/4" Ampersand Gessobord Panel, no frame needed

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Do you wonder at the painting title? Have you ever heard of a Ford Freestyle vehicle? Well, Dena Wenmohs has one and it figures in prominently in this painting story. I've been at the Wenmohs Ranch taking a 3 day oil workshop with Vicki McMurray. Dena and I are both single, pretty independent and she gives workshops at her ranch and I like to take them. 
On Friday, the last day, I decided to stay over, drink some wine with Dena and art talk,  and make the 4 hour drive back home Saturday morning, all rested and refreshed. About happy hour on Friday, she stuck her head in the door and announced she couldn't get her passenger side window up in the Ford. Dena had rolled it down to say goodbye to a departing student and nothing worked to get it to return to home base. There wasn't a sound made and no window in sight to tug on. I had to go look and since we'd had a BIG rain of about 6 inches the day before (unheard of in this area or shall I say pretty rare) we felt the need to get that window up. 
At the first hint of any problem. Google it. Laptops and I Pads came into play. Calls were made to Marble Falls Ford dealership and other services in the area with promised help for Saturday. Then we got out the Robert Burridge 4 mil plastic and his famous Uline tape and proceeded to cover that wide open space. It was a good job. (Bob's tape he recommends is so strong it holds paintings on the wall.) 
I called "C" a guy friend to explain our situation and see IF he had any input but first I had to give him the back story. On Thursday evening Dena loaded the trash in the car with one dog, Christine. She got nearly to the bunk house when, Roscoe, the 2nd dog wanted to be on this trash run and was intent on chasing them down. I think he figured this was a family ice cream outing and they had forgotten the most important member. In Dena's eagerness to promote family harmony she stopped the Ford got out to let Roscoe leap in to get his favored spot but she forgot to put the car in park so watching her family inside, she was chasing the car and dogs when a few minutes ago it had been the other way around. The car came to rest in one muddy ditch and was stuck there fortunately missing any butane tanks or mesquite trees and not running her down. The car was pulled out on Friday so there could be some turbulence that might have impacted the window but there were no visible dents however. "C" recommended we get out the car manual and check fuses.. not..we are not doing this. Doesn't this entail the use of a screwdriver? I have tools in my art tool box used only on paint tubes. (I take that back I did use my hammer on a centipede in a recent workshop HERE.) "C" had one last suggestion "HIT IT".. what? hit it? Girls don't hit things to fix them. That's a guy thing to hit something to fix it. I yelled to Dena. "C" says to "hit it". She came back to the door and said *@*X!O**&X@!... That window went up after I hit it!! 
We did the appropriate amount of yelling, screaming, and happy dancing then proceeded to gingerly take off the plastic and tape without removing the red paint. I left her Saturday morning and she was still going to take in the Freestyle for a check up but we both decided girls need guys in their lives after all and we may need to reorder the process of trouble shooting. Instead of Goggle It first, we may have to put "hit it" at number one and then Google it.

 Vickie getting ready to talk color to us. We brought our own images to work with and watch for more chickens and cows from me. I did paint one figure from a photo that Vicki provided. I've been into polka dots this summer and felt the need for a few on Free Style above.

Inside the barn studio.


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Cheryl Houston said...

HA HA! Never a boring moment at Wenmohs Ranch! Love it.

And ladies, we girls need guys a lot more than you're giving them credit for. I mean, we can do it a lot on our own but why would we want to 24/7? Okay- nevermind. I'm crazy in love with my guy so just disregard that part.

Nancy Standlee said...

So glad you've found your guy, Cheryl.