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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Green Apple Sunday 13005, Oil, 6x8, Leslie Saeta 30 Paintings in 30 Day Challenge, by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Green Apple Sunday 13005
Oil on canvas panel 6x8 in.
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I had one painting ahead for about 2 days but now it's rushing to the finish line each day and today before I've posted had to wait for the sun for the photo. Whew! The apple oil is to add to the 250 plus other paintings posted on the Leslie Saeta Slices of Life blog for her 30 paintings in 30 day challenge. Leslie says she had over 4000 hits on her blog yesterday which is amazing in itself. 
Good news yesterday, I sold Spur Me On Sunflower and it will be heading to OH in about 2 weeks. Remember if you purchase an oil painting it will take about 2 weeks before it's dry enough for mailing. Some daily painters keep ahead with a months supply of dry paintings. Now I have a month's supply of old paintings around here IF there wasn't that one rule of painting each day.
I'm taking the Leslie Saeta WebinART's class  that started January 2 on marketing and the first week is on building a web site and that was one of my goals for 2013....update my neglected web site but instead I'm just building another which eventually will have the same name. This one is still under construction but I'm sharing the link so I can receive any comments for improvement. There is a possibility there may be daily changes for awhile. The URL is
Green Apple Sunday is painted with water soluble oils, brush and palette knife. That was another goal to try out the water soluble oils. The jury is still out. I think they would be great for travel. If painting in oil and traveling, the first stop is to find some medium when you land. I painted green apples in acrylic HERE and it has always been a favorite and it sold to a Burleson, TX collector.


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Kelly Dombrowski said...

I love the way the background colors vibrate with the green apples. Very beautiful!

I have some water soluble oils to try. I found them stiff in grainy. I have to use them up... so back to the drawing or painting board!

Connie Michael said...

Nice colors, Nancy. I'll be intetested in your take on the water soluble oils.

Carroll Michalek said...

Great vibrant painting.

I'm doing both the 30 in 30 Challenge and the Webinarts webinar at the same time as well.
I am so thankful that Webinarts is only 5 days a week.

I wonder how many others are doing both?

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks for the comments, Kelly and Connie I need to use them more to get to really tell if I enjoy or not and I have several kinds. Used mostly the Holbein Duo on this painting. and Carroll I am so glad to know someone else is doing both.I was so surprised Sat morn when I looked on computer and no webinarts lol..I didn't realize we'd get weekends off. Have you started your website yet? I'd love to do nothing next week but work on mine but won't happen.

c.dingman said...

Really love the brushstrokes. So vibrant.

c.dingman said...

Wonderful brushstrokes.

Carroll Michalek said...

I wonder how many other artists are doing both the webinar and the challenge?
Maybe I will post a comment on the Webinarts Blog and ask.
This full week should be a challenge....
I posted my website yesterday but so far I only have created the header.
Have fun this week!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks again c. dingman about the brushstrokes..and yes Carroll I would be very interested to know that also because I'm now officially to paint the painting and post it today. I sure was wanting to keep a day ahead. I'll go look at your website now..congrats.