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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Friday, November 1, 2013

Janet Rogers Watercolor Workshop Dallas TX, October 21-24, 2013 (Portraits) and CheckAdvantage One Week Sale, Dreams of the Turtle King Illustrations, Birthdays and Collage ArtByte by Texas Artist Nancy Standlee

Courtney Private Collection
This is what I decided to work on in the workshop October 21-24 in Dallas and it was a quick and fast choice because I don't choose photos with "teeth" but Janet helped me and it was my first time to paint teeth.  If you will read the last blog post, I was attending the Janet Rogers 4 day watercolor workshop in Dallas on flowers and portraits. This is of a granddaughter and she can hang it in her dorm room. I haven't done watercolor portraits in a long, long time but wanted to brush up on some skills to work in my journal. 

This one is a small quick study of a made up girl.
Warning 13110
This was painted on the last day of the workshop, no photo, just experimenting with the face dimensions. On the way to class about a block from where I was staying in a residential section, a policeman pulled me over for going 10 miles over the speed limit. Now my head and heart where already at the workshop and it was a total surprise to see him right before Independence Blvd. Now I have a good, clean record and try my best to keep it that way and I really try and obey the law but sometimes I slip. He returned from running my plates and handed me a piece of paper and said this is a warning. I was clueless. I asked "What do I do with a warning?" The policemen said "You have two choices. Start obeying the law or try not to get caught." lol.. what a nice man for not giving me a ticket because now I can take another workshop with what would be the cost of the ticket and I decided to name this painting from the experience. 

I ordered some high heel checks for me this week and you may want to do the same when you  remember the sale ($3.00 off) on all my products (cows, animals, flowers, angels)  at Check Advantage HERE for this week only:
 Starts Monday Oct 28 and here is the link again
with checks, check covers, address labels (don't click the start shopping link) A really nice feature is "duplicates" if you like to have a little help in remembering where that check was written. When ordering select duplicates and you will always know the date and where that check was written. Free Shipping.

Collage ArtByte:
Remember if you don't have time to take a workshop away from home, Daily Paintworks has ArtBytes to download, some are free and some are very affordable. I have a $10 ArtByte available on Collage. Check out all of them HERE.  And thanks to all who have already purchased my tutorial.  
I sold these two collages this week:
 The Good Life
 Cinderella Cupcake
 The ArtByte has text and photos explaining the process I use with making torn paper and hand painted paper collages and they are fun and easy to do, a little time consuming and a little messy but worth the effort.

Dreams of the Turtle King:
Yesterday I picked up at the P.O. 23 illustrations/paintings that have been scanned for the book of poems written by Denise Bossarte Dreams of the Turtle King. 
All are available for sale for $50 on the Daily Paintworks gallery and all are ready to mail now with a 14x11 mat in a clear bag. 
I mailed off the first one sold, Lead Me, (well, Denise really got the first one of the turtle for the cover image) but first one to the public is headed to California. 
Lead Me SOLD

Watch for the next blog post about the best job ever, sitting at a local restaurant, sketching and painting my food, then sampling it and using the images for spots on a new menu. More to come.
Here's a little sample for you:
I have several palettes but since the Janet workshop I've made one with Janet colors (see her supply list on her workshop page on her website link above)  in an Alvin palette and then added some 1/2 pans and full pans that I've been using at the Blue Mesa. 
I've made  a tip sheet of the names of the colors on a piece of watercolor paper and put it in plastic to tape to the top of the lid so I can remember the color names. This is the Heritage 24 well from Cheap Joe's HERE. I see a 33 well one is also offered and the same size.. hmmm..

This has been a week of birthdays. I was 78 on October 29 and one of my sons, Eric was 48 on October 30 and we celebrated at the Blue Mesa and afterwards I did a margarita painting (watch for details in the next post). We had a big discussion on who had the most Facebook friends lol...he won.

Original fine art and affordable prints can be found at:
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Dreams of the Turtle King blog

Denise Bossarte
Found Worlds Photography
Dreams of the Turtle King: Poems Inspired by South Florida Beaches by Denise Ippensen Bossarte

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! You look great for your age :)

JanettMarie said...

Happy Birthday Nancy, you're outstanding!!

Ginny Stiles said...

Nancy I have followed your blog for eons. I mean eons. and Happy Birthday by the way (I'll be 74 next Saturday) and am taking a steam train ride called the Orange Blossom express that day! FUN. I follow you because everything you do...from paper art to watercolor to acrylic to yupo are things I adore. I don't think I've ever commented. Shame on me. I love when people comment on my blog!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Palma..and Janett and Ginny.. I appreciate all the comments..