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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop ~ Day 3 ~ SWA Signature ~ Jonas Gerard Southlake

Jonas Gerard at the Southlake Art in the Square

All I've wanted to do is finish my horse from the Joe Fettingis workshop and give my Cowgirl painting some finishing touches but on Thursday, Day 3 of the workshop, the SWA juried art show reception was held at the Central Library at 6:00. I had the honor of receiving my signature status which is given when your work has been accepted into 5 juried shows and you can rightfully add SWA after your signature on your paintings. Watch for those signatures signed with NWS and AWS... or TWSA those are the biggies.
Friday was spent unpacking and stumbling around not knowing which "to-do" list to tackle first and decided what's the use and started gathering up my Myrna Wacknov folder for a May workshop. More on that a little later.
Saturday was pickup day for the PCPC show where I had entered the The Fifth Day.
I picked up a CBC member, Maryann, and we headed for the Southlake Town Square to see the Art in the Square show and we're both so glad we did. We saw wonderful large canvases with lots of bold color and met some interesting artists and talked about art and display and the benefits of good weather. I will list some of the artists we visited with and give their web sites a visit.
Jonas Gerard, our first stop, large colorful abstracts, great bio and please watch his video. I want to try painting like this - so free.
Jeremy Hansen, from Nebraska and wow did we love his abstracts
Anne Heinrichs, from Austin, a Mixed Media Collage artist and I want to take one of her workshops tomorrow!!! I've already emailed her and asked when and where.
Nora Larimer, watercolor and tile artist, beautiful fish and koi paintings
Meredith Kuntzsch, a pastel artist
Jerald Peterson, paintings of San Miguel, lived there before moving to OK.
Niki Gulley, Dallas will be at Cottonwood Art Festival next weekend
Michael McKee, pastel and you have to look at his fabulous colors
Dennis Rhoades, pastel artist. Maryann had seen his work at another show and is working on getting a pastel workshop together with me saying, no, no...I don't have room for more supplies and I'm not taking up pastels..we'll see. Dennis was telling Maryann about selling a pastel set of paints he was getting together and how easy it would be..oh, well.
I hope to get to finish my workshop paintings this week and in the slide show below you can view some other artists and their work at the workshop. Joe, we want you to return and give us a four day workshop - the sooner the better. Mouse over for captions.
My friend, Maryann and I attended The 23rd Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition today in Irving. There were about 400 entries with 77 paintings chosen for the show. All show paintings may be viewed in color at

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop ~ Day 2

Nancy's work in progress at the Joseph Fettingis workshop. I see I need to adjust the horn shapes in the background near the spirit necklace and add more color to the face. The computer monitor can point out your mistakes all too well. This is a vignette but I think I ran my vest and sleeve off the page too far. I'm including Suzanne's painting as her approach was very original where the rest of the 19 students stayed with Joe's colors. I told Betty that I'd take her photo to go with her painting after we finished eating at Joe T's (my most favorite place in the whole world to eat) and we were so stuffed with refried beans, enchiladas and tortillas I completely forgot it.
"Now watch this. Here we go", Joe calls out on day 2 and I feel like we're just getting started and wish the workshop was a five day one instead of 3. His teaching methods are top notch in my book and you can see the links in my web site on how many workshops I've taken in the last few years so I can recognize a good teacher when I find one. Joe talked a little about cameras and photography of models, how to control the flow of pigments, and gave us short demos on the scarf, folds in the shirt, color and how to move it in your painting, how to use scrubbers, and backgrounds. He has a "funny little accent" and I'm sure he thinks the same about some of! He said he was in Venezuela until the age of 14. I don't have an excuse for my "funny little accent".
About 2:30, we put away our "lady cowgirl" and we given our horse photo to begin placing on our watercolor paper and we got on our masking fluid so we're ready to begin painting a horse on Thursday. There is a lot of excitement in the workshop and he has made learning fun, fun, even if he is a little strict with his "No Talking" rules but we are definitely the beneficiary and I've handled this better than some of my "friends" had predicted.
Joe was the juror for the SWA show and our opening reception is Thursday evening at the Central Library in downtown Fort Worth. Tomorrow will be a rush day to paint and then get to the show by 6:00 p.m. We take down on Sunday so you have only a few days left to view the show.
I hear lots of rolling thunder and we're under all kinds of watches so I'm out of here until later in the week and maybe I'll have more artists to show with their work...maybe even a horse or two.

Betty's Painting
Betty is a member of Canvas by Canvas
and our web mistress. She sent around an email tonight that will make you sorry you missed the workshop. I quote "He's really a wonderful instructor and spends a lot of time breaking things down into understandable chunks and letting us work on part of a painting so we can apply the information, before going on to the next step. I've learned a lot about the reasoning behind applying paint to paper in watercolor: how to control the moisture and assist the eye in moving throughout the painting -- even after all these years I've never had anyone explain things so clearly. And really, we are all very respectful of his request that we not talk amongst ourselves while he is teaching or while we are working, but he's always full of amusing anecdotes and the class is never boring. He is one of the most organized and disciplined artists I've ever met -- truly an amazing experience. Makes me want to get back to watercolor more often."

Suzanne's Red Hat Painting


Joe's Closeup of the background

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop ~ VerveEarth

This is a work in progress (WIP) I started today in the Joe Fettingis Watercolor Workshop given by SWA. The eyes look a little squirrelly because I just removed the masking fluid showing the white of the paper and no one's eyes are ever that white. This painting will get more attention on Wednesday.
I have posted a slide show of some of the images of Joe's painting in progress and some of his framed pieces he brought from Indiana in his car. I wanted to share his lovely work and he will have to forgive me for the horrible glare on most of the pieces and then I tilted the camera to remove some of the glare. It is a real treasure to find so many original works of art on view by the workshop instructor.
This is Joe's clarion call to us to assemble, get quiet, and begin to work. If you've ever taken one of his workshops I'm sure you know the drill. He is a real task master and told us if we needed to visit do it at lunch because he was there to teach and we were there to learn. And learn we did. Most of the workshops I've taken the instructor usually demonstrates in the morning and the students paint in the afternoon. Joe breaks down the painting process in several small demos during the day and we return to our "studio" to paint what he has just taught and I've found it to be a very effective way of learning. He gives us small things to learn and breaks the learning down into small bits and while we are applying the technique he is walking the room answering questions and giving more instruction. He provided our reference photo material, a dramatic lady with a large black hat and we all worked on it together. By 4:00 today as I walked the room and looked at each person's work, I was very impressed with the results. We should get this project finished Wednesday morning and begin a horse in the afternoon and I've never painted a horse so this will be fun.
Today we concentrated on techniques of paint application, values, moisture, color and composition. Joe's materials are discussed on his web site where he maintains The Smallest Brush/Colors Art Store in the Universe.
The Maimeri colors he uses are listed on the order form. or Verve Earth
I've listed my blog on this very cool new site as bloggers are telling the world's stories as they happen and Verve Earth is meant to be a canvas for their voices. Travel the map/world and see a site that interests you. After you are registered you can add the destination to your favorites. On the left side is a zoom level and more content can be found by zooming in or you can do a search by typing in a city. I've had some trouble with their search button so just press enter on your keyboard. Type in Arlington, Texas and you should find Nancy Standlee Art Blog and the Artist Food Network that belongs to Canvas by Canvas (the collaborative group where I belong).
Enjoy the slide show below. Mouse over for captions.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

LYLAS 4 ~ "Maginty" ~ J. M. W. Turner Exhibit ~ DMA ~ Angel Painting

LYLAS 4 "Maginty" Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
This is the fourth in the Lylas series. See this post to read how the paintings came to be.

Now to the DMA

J. M. W. Turner "The Angel Standing in the Sun" 1846
was painted in his 70's and it shows where the light of the sun dissolves the boundary of Heaven and earth and an angel appears causing a bridge between Heaven and earth.
The Turner exhibit closes at the Dallas Museum of Art May 18 and it was very busy when I attended Thursday, April 17. I recommend you make the trip and get the audio guide. I'm an artist without an art history degree and much of my Turner education came from this visit. From this brief day of information, I think Turner would have been an art blogger with a web site promoting his art. I'm an art blogger and I think I know one when I see one. He embraced the technology at the time and was a canny business man. While other artists would wait until their painting was hung to put on the final varnish, Turner opted to do some actual painting on his, in other words a short free demo and then varnish causing more hype. Usually his paintings included some descriptive statement with a few lines of poetry and sometimes the poetry was written by him. Sounds like a blogger to me.
Turner, at times, used watercolor like oil and oil like watercolor. On several paintings the oil was used so thinly the texture of the weave of the canvas was visible. The exhibit is a dazzle to the eyes with approximately 140 works and there are over 20 stations discussed with the audio guide. It is the largest and most comprehensive retrospective ever held in the U.S. of J. M. W. Turner's works in oils and watercolors (1775-1851). One word, LIGHT, has always been associated with his work and it is prominent in his depiction of seascapes, mythology, religious themes, imagination and historical events.
The one above, The Angel Standing in the Sun, spoke to me as I'm been painting some angel type figures and up close you could only view one wing.
Here are some links of this particular angel piece and gives more insight and explanation of the work. Eat a hearty breakfast before going as you will want to linger and read the additional information posted by the paintings or you can take a museum lunch break and go back in the afternoon but please go. If you have time, the Wikipedia article would give a little additional information before attending.

Another view of the painting.

Art Notes.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LYLAS 3 ~ "Karen" ~ Gringo Revolution ~ Young at Heart ~ Young Heart Attack

LYLAS 3 "Karen" Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
This is the third in the Lylas series. See this post to read how the paintings came to be.
I came in late last Wednesday from the SWS meeting and I TiVoed the news and it ran into Nightline and I'm so glad as I saw this "older group" "Young at Heart" who sing rock and roll hits and they have a documentary movie that opened in some cities that day. It showed them at rehearsal and singing at a prison and doing a show. The fellow shown in this video had a singing partner that had died a few weeks before so he does a solo and the leader said that was a big problem dealing with the death of fellow performers. About 70 have died that have participated. The show left a big message to find something you love doing in your later years. I have watched Fred Knittle singing Coldplay's "Fix You". I'd never heard of Coldplay before but I sure enjoy Fred's rendition and I've watched it several times since. For a real treat please watch it. Look how many times this you tube clip has been viewed!! What an upper and they have others to watch such as "Staying Alive". I want to be sure and catch the movie.
Watch Coldplay sing their version if you can spare the time. I love this song.
Maryann, a Canvas by Canvas member, has a daughter Jenn who has a rock band "Young Heart Attack". I think it would be so cool if they could play together some time - the "Young Heart Attack" and the "Young at Heart". Jenn's group has just returned from an engagement in London and Spain.

My son, Eric (Harpoon), plays the harmonica in a band, Ray Diffee and the Gringo Revolution, and they won a battle of the bands (approximately 20 bands) contest over the weekend. Eric has a My Space with more about the band and slide shows. He is a self taught harmonica player and years ago worked as a P.I. and in lonely stretches of time would practice on the harmonica.
I have another son, Brad, who just had a 50th birthday and we celebrated with a cruise on the Granbury Riverboat. Brad got to spend a few days with me in Sam Miguel at the Mel Stabin workshop. It was a new experience being in a different city and traveling together and we're ready to have a repeat performance.
Here are some photos
with Eric, my daughter, Dana, and Brad from the Birthday Cruise.



All kinds of music and all kinds of painting styles "But If you never try, you'll never know just what you're worth." Coldplay "Fix You"
Here is a great review of the movie:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lylas 2 ~ "Connie" Gamut Control ~ New Giclees


LYLAS 2 " Connie" Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)

LYLAS is Internet slang for Love You Like A Sister (see this post) and this is the second in the series.
Last week Gamut Control made me two more giclees. One for "Shop Talking" and one for "Our Crystal Bridge", and the original was sent to the Bridging Heaven and Earth Foundation. See my entry at this site. Giclees can be ordered from me. Artists can contact the organization if they would like to participate in the Bridging project.
Check my web site for more information on Gamut's fine art reproduction process. John from Gamut said "Shop Talking" was the first giclee used to introduce the new Image Capture process. It will be formally introduced June 7. John said, "It came out better than the original." The process is no glare and eliminates cross filtering and maintains the texture and it is a 20 layer image. Here are my other images on the Gamut artist site.
Last week was the monthly SWS meeting and Gale Webb from Lubbock gave a great figurative demo painting with liquid acrylics. Thanks Gale and I'm sorry I missed your SWS workshop. H & R Block has been breathing down my neck. Aren't we glad April 15th is over for another year and we all promise to keep better records and receipts.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

LYLAS 1 ~ "Elizabethy" ~ Contemporary Abstract Figures ~ There Is A Limit ~ CBC

LYLAS 1 Acrylic
9" x 12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas, 3/4" profile black (depth)
LYLAS is Internet slang for Love You Like A Sister and it gets used a lot in the emails that fly back and forth between the nine Canvas by Canvas member collaborative group. Since I don't have a sister they all fill that special sibling spot. You notice the title LYLAS 1? Guess what? Lylas will be another series as the result of a CBC request. The CBC members have liked the work I've been producing as the result of my study with Robert Burridge and have requested a Nancy "Burridge" workshop Sunday afternoon, April 13 at the Upstairs Gallery. Lylas 1 was painted on Saturday as I was planning what I would present to them and I reviewed my notes and Bob's workbook. I began by having them write down their intentions and tone their paper or canvas, explained my Burridge color wheel, told them a few "Bobisms" like paint for yourself today and stay wet and loose, and try a lot of "what ifs" (some of my favorite words). The composition (design) would be either vertical or cruciform as they want to experiment with the contemporary abstract figures without a model and just painting from their imaginations. Seven members showed up Maryann Stephens, Karen Foster, Cindy Campbell, Connie Michael, Betty Taylor, Barbara Hackney and Cindy Yandell. We're sorry Margie Whittington couldn't be with us. Some were ambitious and got there about 10:00 a.m. and began on a CBC project. We had a great day of painting. ordered pizza in and enjoyed each other's company and painted something we'd never seen before. I've made a slide show of the work produced today and it can be seen at the end of the post.
The class started at 1:00 and I think the last person left about 7:00 (Connie and I). They were very kind and helped me unload my car filled with stamps, paint, paper, texturing tools, books and notes. The Lylas produced some great work and ventured out and took a risk and enjoyed exploring painting from their emotions, dreams, and creative vision.
EMAIL HINT: My email has been giving me fits. About once a week I get this red message that says "unusual activity detected - Your account has been suspended for 48 hours, blah, blah" and I couldn't send or receive and anything sent to me would be bounced back to the sender like I hadn't paid my bill. It's been making me nuts. I call support and tell them I'm a little 72 year old grannie that doesn't spam anyone but just email my painting friends and a few relatives. Now my painting friend emails do add up hence my knowing about lylas. You will be left behind in the dust if you can't keep up with hourly emails from the CBC group. Finally, finally the call yesterday (after being assigned a case number) and running a spy ware program on my computer, my case was sent to the 2nd level of support and now we're getting somewhere. I was assigned to Kornelius, a perfectly delightful man who fixed my problemo. And he did it in the kindest way by saying "You're so active with your emails". Isn't that a sweet way of saying "hey, lady, you need to clean up your email". It seems I have 8,873 messages in my inbox and 21,751 in my sent folder so he had me remove 250 from my sent folder and now the problem is fixed temporarily. He was very nice when he said "There is a limit". It seems attachments seem to compound the problem. I promised Kornelius that I'd start cleaning up my act and need to work on another problem that is running concurrently and that is cleaning my house. My lylas friends were discussing a book title that would never find your name on it as an author and I quickly replied, "100 Best Housekeeping Hints by Nancy".
It seems that the Burridge workshops and emailing my "lylas" and painting is taking a big part of my time. I will put clean house and emails on my to do list but please resend the message if you get a bounced email. I don't want to miss a one.
Bob Burridge will give a workshop in 2009 in Dallas through the SWS and I hear it is full with 9 people on the waiting list. I'm doing my part in spreading the news about how fun it is to be in "Bobland".
Mouse over slide for captions.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

"The Fifth Day" ~ PCPC Show ~ Gables Villa Rosa

"The Fifth Day" Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas,
Theme 1 $650.00
30" x 24"

"Shop Talking" Original, Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
2nd in the "Talking" series 20" x 20"

Canvas by Canvas
members, Cindy Campbell, Maryann Stephens, Cindy Yandell, Betty Taylor, Barbara Hackney, and Nancy Standlee, worked 2-5 at the PCPC show on Saturday at the Gables Villa Rosa. See my post on Saturday.
Below is a few more slides of photos taken during the public opening.
Texas Monthly has a very good article on the event HERE. And Bob Snider from Arkansas has an upcoming call for artists to enter the Prodigal show.

I recommend all artists and patrons subscribe to the DFW Arts Newsletter
and here is their statement:
ArtNewsDFW, the ArtGroupsDFW Newsletter, is devoted to news of art events hosted by 60+ nonprofit visual art groups in the North Texas area. Find out about exhibits, meetings, art instruction, and opportunities for artists, etc. For the schedule of art events, check the monthly and seasonal calendars. News of member artists is featured as well as art events of interest to local artists. Contact the Moderator to submit your news for posting.

They have published a post about the CBC win at the PCPC show. Read it HERE.
I was interested in reading the ArtNewsDFW article on giclees as I am getting a giclee made this week of the above painting "Shop Talking". It is the second in a series of paintings about "Talking", something our Canvas by Canvas does a lot.

A few more photos from the PCPC show. Mouse over for captions.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

PCPC ~ CBC Apples ~ A Winner ~ Gables Villa Rosa

"The Core of Sin"
Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 30" Each square is painted by a different artist in Canvas by Canvas.
WON Honorable Mention
There is joy and more joy in the Canvas by Canvas camp this morning after our invitation only Preview Party and Award Reception Friday evening at the Gables Villa Rosa, Uptown, Dallas, Texas when we heard Dr. Pete Deison, Arts Festival founder and juror, call our name. Patricia Meadows and Dr. Ted Pillsbury were also jurors This is the second year of this arts festival presented by the Park Cities Presbyterian Church. We absolutely love the process of choosing a theme and being juried into the show. The congregation has always expressed their love for us and treated all the artists like royalty. Approximately 150 Dallas area artists translated these Genesis "Beginnings of Creation" into works of sculpture, photography, and painting. Thirty-five pieces received special recognition and of these, four were awarded a $1,000 prize as Best of Theme. The festival is open daily from April 5 to 24 from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm and on Sunday will open at 2:00 pm. The People's Choice award will be revealed on April 13. All art is for purchase with the proceeds beyond the expenses given to help establish an after-school art program for West Dallas children.
Thank you church staff and volunteers, patrons and sponsors, for the many hours to make this event possible for the area artists to use our creative gifts to express our love for our Creator. Thank you, Doug Chesnut, Gables Villa Rosa and Gables Residential for the support of the arts in Uptown Dallas and hosting the Artists and Patron reception and the purchase of our 2008 winner. We met Neil Emmons, another art advocate.This marked a Grand Opening celebration for their new facility in the heart of Uptown at Cole Ave. and Cedar Springs. The Arts Festival will be on display at 2650 Cedar Springs for the DADA (Dallas Art Dealers Association) annual Spring Gallery Walk receiption on April 19 and the Uptown Dallas Art Walk on April 24.
Approximately 4,000 people viewed the show last year when Canvas by Canvas won first in one of the theme categories with "A Table Before Me".
My personal painting "The Fifth Day" was based on Theme 1. The square I painted for the CBC entry is here.
The Canvas by Canvas artists who attended the Preview Party were Cindy Yandell, our chauffeur, Maryann Stephens, Cindy Campbell, and Nancy Standlee. How appropriate that Bob Snider who had worked with us last year was our tour host and told us right before entering the exhibition room that our painting had sold. We didn't even try to control ourselves but screamed and yelled like we were on the 50 yard line - not too sophisticated a response but typical from us. As usual, we had a wonderful time and thank you, thank you for your support, PCPC, and since I just happened to bring my camera, I've prepared a slide show of some of the artists and friends of artists below.


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Mouse over for the caption.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Fire Dancer ~ Dena's Dogs ~ Texas Bound

"Fire Dancer"
7 1/2" x 11" Acrylic on paper, no mat or frame

I recently attended Texas Bound in Fort Worth, March 31 to hear compelling short stories read by noted actors, all with a Texas connection.
The Dallas Museum of Art is presenting its 17th season of Arts and Letters Live and it's a great way to feed your brain and fill your soul and a place to meet Texas writers and readers. Some of the stories are offered in tapes and books.
It was a delightful evening enjoying great stories read at the Fort Worth Central Library after dining at the Reata Restaurant.

There are a few photos in the slide show.
I've read and reread Anne Lamott for years and now I've finally seen her
and heard her speak in person at the special event in Dallas, March 13. What a treat! She's honest, funny and enchanting. Read the nonfiction: Bird by Bird, Grace Eventually, Operating Instructions, Plan B, and Traveling Mercies. Anne also has some fiction works. Some of her writings appear here.

The painting, "Fire Dancer" was done at Dena's at the Robert Burridge Workshop. Also in attendance were Dena's 2 dogs, Sadie the Saint and Jody _____, fill in the blank. Sadie is a 14 year old 3 legged Blue Heeler and all she wants to do is hang around and observe without being hassled. Jody is another story. She's a 4 month old Blue Lacy pup, still chews her tail and makes mad dashes into the painting barn on snatch and grab missions and the little bandit takes our collage materials and shreds them in the nearest ditch. I'm still looking for my blue denim painting shirt that was lost there. I wonder if pieces of blue denim are hung up on a piece of barbed wire somewhere on the ranch?
One evening she was half asleep on the couch, we heard a thump and she had fallen off the couch - a bad dream perhaps or just bored with all of the painting talk? When Jody really gets out of control, Dena puts on her "Jody-be-good" collar.
I fixed some Hebrew National Hot dogs for dinner one night and I was really ignoring Jody's plea for a bite and hoping she'd disappear when I felt a huge heavy tug on my shoulder and Jody was all but standing up with her mouth open for a munch. Yes, she was given some bites. I did learn from the Wikipedia site that since 2005 the Blue Lacy is the official State Dog Breed of Texas and Dena, the article states that after age two they have calmed down significantly. They certainly added to the ambiance of the workshop along with "The Girls", the donkeys.

Mouse over slide for caption:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Our Crystal Bridge" ~ Heaven to Earth Art Project ~ Acrylic Figures

"Our Crystal Bridge"
20" x 20" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas, 3/4" profile
$600.00 available from the Heaven to Earth site.

I first saw mention of the Heaven to Earth Art Project on the Marina Petro blog. This is a collaboration of artists all over the world creating and submitting a work of art and the work should be a new, original work so it is fresh, spontaneous and NOW and comes through them based on the theme "Bridging Heaven and Earth".

The purpose of the Heaven to Earth International project is for the vibration of love and oneness.
This is the statement I submitted with my work:

"International travels and art workshops have shown me the oneness and sameness of mankind – our shared hopes, love and dreams for our family and friends. Our bridge and connection is this love and our great Teacher told us to “Love One Another” and the heart symbol in the painting is there to remind us of this admonition. The heart symbol also reminds us to look on the heart instead of the outward appearance. This original Bridge work was painted this week while I was surrounded by my loving group of collaborative painting friends, The energizing faceless figures in the painting have the same look and style and they symbolize the oneness of humanity all over the planet but they appear on different levels as each one is bridging this journey at their own pace. May we come to the realization that we’re here to take care of each other and love each other."

This is the link to see my page on the Heaven to Earth Art Project.
More information is on this site: Heaven to Earth