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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Teesie's Attic ~ Toms Shoes ~ Arlington Highlands

Six of Canvas by Canvas's paintings were hung today at Teesie's Attic, 4000 Highlands Blvd, Suite 169, Arlington, TX. 817 465-7200, for their Grand Opening for their "Home for the Holidays" event Thursday, 12/20 and Saturday, 12/22. CBC members will be dropping by on those days to give out cards and talk about our paintings and we invite all of our friends to stop by and say Merry Christmas. Scott Hoying will be there from 6-8 on Thursday. Teesie's is a trendy, upscale boutique in the new Highlands area off Matlock. They carry modern brands not available in Arlington before. Mary said the store was named for an aunt of Marcie and Michele and they used to play dress up in her attic.
Teesie carries the shoe line, TOMS, shoes for tomorrow and the mission is to make life more comfortable and they do this through unique shoe design with a commitment to help those in need. For every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair to a child without shoes. Blake Mycoskie, founder, will be in the store Saturday 2-5. His sister, Paige, a clothes designer of Aviator Nation will be there as will Jordon Mycoskie.
Jo Dee Foster is another designer that will be there Saturday and I think it was her design of the ring I purchased. I love the ring. See more of her work at Cutting-Up.
Teesie's is located between Borders and Wine Styles.
Our Cheers painting would look great in Wine Styles. We invited them over to see it. After all the work was done, we tried out the new Arlington Highlands Kincaid's Hamburgers. We'll be back.
See the paintings and some interior shots in the slide show below. .. Mouse over for captions.

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Teesie's Attic Slide Show Hanging CBC's Paintings

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Trash Talking ~ Tagged ~ Teesie's Attic

Trash Talking NFS
20" x 20" Acrylic on canvas
The idea of women together and "trash-talking" is a natural, especially in my special group of friends, Canvas by Canvas. Several of them asked for copies of this painting and at our Christmas party/dinner I'd finally gotten around to having a few 11 x 14 prints made for them and then decided to post the original. I used rubber stamps for the words and highlighted King as "talk is king" when we are in groups.
Myrna Wacknov in her blog post "I've Been Tagged" shares how she was tagged and then she tagged me. I found Myrna by her article Face Forward in the Watercolor Magic, October 07 issue. I loved what she was doing and wrote her a fan letter and I'm the owner of 2 of her drawings. She issues painting and drawing challenges and is a very encouraging and experimental force.
5 Things People Don't Know About Me:
1. I've had several "careers", housewife and mom, divorced wife and mom, Home Economics teacher, Special Ed Teacher, elementary school librarian, batik fabric designer. I took batik workshops at Vassar 2 summers with Morag Benepe and painted silk at Arrowmont. I've demonstrated Krups appliances and Cuisinarts at department stores, delivered vans full of weekly home sale brochures (only thing needed was a large vehicle and a good back) in Virginia to support my batik habit and belonged to a craft cooperative in Yorktown, Va.
2. I desire to be the epitome of organization and I'm working on it but I'm hampered by space limitations, my desire to keep everything I ever touch and I've never seen an art supply I didn't think I had to have. I do have all of my art photos organized for the New Year.
3. This year I was the dark horse in a weight loss campaign with my painting group and won some money for more art supplies and workshops. It is hard to believe that some mean, teasing brothers of my high school friends used to refer to me as "bird legs". I plan to jump back on the program as most of you do after the first of the year.
4. I've been interested in decorating surfaces for many years. As a child, I was whining that I wanted hair on my bald headed doll so my Daddy took the scissors to our collie dog, and with a few deft snips got enough hair to glue on my doll's scalp. I don't remember it being a mess or how it looked. I remember the action and "Old Billie Dog" standing patiently while we borrowed a few strands.
5. I've done my share of adding non-decomposing items to American's landfills. I've always loved sewing, and during the seventies men were wearing polyester leisure suits with bright floral poly shirts. Because of finances and the height factor, my husband was 6'8", I made his 100% polyester leisure suits. I think about those being unearthed in 200 years, still crease free and without any stains. The sewing needles would skip about every 3rd stitch and the pants legs were slopped to the back so they would nearly touch the ground and hard as heck to hem. Truly a fashion statement when the guys had sideburns. I'm glad jeans are back in style.
I'm going to TAG:
1. Nicholas Simmons has a new blog.
He won the 1st prize in the National Watercolor Society's 87th annual exhibition. He will also be in Dallas for a workshop this year and yes, I have signed up.
2. Joyce Washor has a new blog.
Joyce has a great article in Watercolor, Winter 2008, Still Lifes on a Small Scale, about creating tiny paintings with big impact. I was inspired to try a set up with some onions and strawberries last night - my 5" painting is not so delicate and will probably hit it with gauche or acrylic. I've also ordered her book, "Big Art, Small Canvas".
3. Laura at
Very interesting blog about her travels and her art sketch journals with beautiful drawings.
4. Katherine Tyrrell at
Katherine is a sharer of information on art. She has a wonderful informative blog that you want to sit down and read every word.
5. Mitchell (Betty) Taylor at
I have to show a little nepotism here and keep some of my links within the CBC family. Betty is our efficient web mistress and between that, travels and painting, she is a busy lady. You will read about her Christmas trip soon.
6. Ok, I have to have one more...Edward B. Gordon He is a daily painter from Berlin.

Teesie's Attic
Located in the Arlington Highlands Mall in Arlington, is having a grand opening of their new store, December 20 and 22, and will have on display some of the paintings of Canvas by Canvas. This is a trendy, upscale store that carries modern brands not available in Arlington before. More to come about this event.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Self-Portrait ~ Watercolor ~ Spring Show ~ Find the Best Price ~ Tell Me

22" x 15" watercolor on 140 lb. paper
The photo was taken at a pool party prior to taking a dip with the CBC friends. I painted it in watercolor and it was purchased by a relative and now hangs in Denver. My friend wanted it also and a repainting was promised for a Christmas '06 gift. Yes, '06 I hate to admit but I just completed it today while painting with the CBC group at the Upstairs Gallery so I guess my friend will get the frame this Christmas and the painting. Yes, I did remove age spots, wrinkles, and glasses.

These are 4 6" square acrylic paintings by members of CBC completed today at the Gallery, Top Left, Barbara, Top Right Karen, Bottom Left, Cindy C, Bottom Right, Maryann. These ladies are getting a head start on our February show, The Neil Sperry All Texas Garden Show, February 29, March 1 and 2 at the Arlington Convention Center. We plan to do a series of mini acrylic paintings depicting items you might find around a garden plus some of our larger canvases found on our web site.
If you like to comparative shop and to find the best price when you shop online, you will love this site. One click can offer help for price comparison and coupon codes. Type in the item desired and Cheap Uncle will help you find the best price and maybe a coupon for free shipping.
I've heard about this fabulous telephone number that can give you driving directions any time, any place and they are free. I have programed it into my cell as I tend be a little directionally deficient. For voice prompted driving directions call (800) 555-8355 Tell Me. The main menu has categories like, Business Search, Ring Tones, Stock Quotes, News Center, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, and Popular Shortcuts. If you're confused about directions, you want Travel and then you have more choices but eventually you will hear Travel Directions and you will be able to give your present location and where you want to go.
Good luck in finding your way and making sure your Christmas gifts stay on schedule.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scrooge Yourself ~ Star Watch Angel ~ Acrylic Painting

22 x 10 1/2 " Acrylic on 140 lb. watercolor paper, unframed

This was painted earlier in the year but she looked a little Christmasy to me so I decided to post this angel since most of my week has been filled with doctor appointments after our very busy Holiday Magic weekend. I love to write down people's conversations that I overhear and now with cell phones it is so easy. A cowboy looking older gentlemen sat down with a seat between us in one physician's office yesterday. He looked nice in his cowboy boots and Stetson and he was bored and began calling his friends. I could deduct the conversation from the other end when the cowboy answered "Oh, I'm here in the doctor's waiting room. My appointment is not until 10:30 (it was about 9:45 a.m. my appointment time) BUT I'd rather be two hours early than one minute late." I liked the way he turned a phrase so I grabbed my paper and pencil and wrote it down. I'd rather be two hours early than one minute late. I think that's pretty good advice but it doesn't happen very often on the Doctor's watch. He was called in at 10:15 but I wasn't too much later.
I'd taken my new book by Charles Sovek "The Basics: 36 Ways to Pickup a Brush and Start Painting Pictures" and he stated draw, draw, draw and he suggested a Pilot fine point pen. I drew a few patients but would always get caught looking at someone so I went back to reading. I noticed the muffled voices of people talking and a myriad of cell phone tones and songs playing around the room. Our cell phones and our bottled water have really changed the way we behave. We can't leave home without either one.
On my previous post I mentioned how much fun I've had with the Elf Yourself greeting and you can check out my special Christmas greeting. I love all the emails about the singing reindeer and crazy snowmen being attacked by hairdryers. Now I've found one for the Bah! Humbugs! if you like to play the grouch. You can turn yourself into a crotchety old curmudgeon at this site. I choose to be a happy little elf but be my guest and click HERE if you prefer the humbugs!
On the way to Dallas today for another appointment, I heard Mary Did You Know by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd. I always feel like Christmas is near after hearing that song and it's one of my favorites. Bad news and good news for tomorrow. They forgot to tell me I needed to be fasting for blood work so that portion of the tests will have to be done later and I'll try again tomorrow. Good news in Texas that's it's supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny and I can listen to these stations that are playing continuous Christmas music. I talked with my brother today and we were laughing about it snowing in Midland on Thanksgiving and he said they hadn't so much as had a good frost or a freeze when they had their snow. In Texas the weather is a little like the box of chocolates "You never know what you're going to get". As for me, I'd love spend the winter with 80 degree days and maybe find more time to paint. However, I'm trying to get better organized in my house so I can start the New Year with being able find my stuff. I find that something is always lost around here and I'm forever looking for something. I hope it 's not related to age but just that I have an abundance of art supplies to keep track of with not enough room for proper storage.
May you enjoy this holiday season and find all your lost items.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gallery Opening ~ Holiday Magic ~ Elf Yourself


"Fear No Evil"
Acrylic on watercolor Paper, attached to a wrapped canvas 3/4" deep

Wishing you a Merry Christmas all month and I have a surprise greeting at the end of the post.

This impressionist acrylic was painted earlier in the year as I've been busy with CBC business at Holiday Magic event this weekend at the Arlington Convention Center. I've made a slide show of some images from our booth setup. Friday was very busy and we had good sales. The members working today reported a slow day.

The Friday workers, Maryann, Karen, and Cindy Y and I made a trip to a Colleyville Gallery, Art Impressions, to see our fine art giclees displayed during a festive 3 day, 4 location event. Other locations are Frameworks Kreartif, Visual Expressions, and Milan Gallery. Gamut Control promised celebrities at each event and we met another artist, David Dayan Fisher, at Art Impressions. He is an actor, artist and writer from LA and has played with Nick Cage in National Treasure and in my favorite tv show, "24" with Keifer Sutherland. He is a regular guest on NCIS (when the writers are not on strike.)

We had a enjoyable meal of Salvadorian Cuisine at Glorias and discussed some ideas for 2008 paintings and you will be seeing new work soon after being voted on and approved by 11 members.

I've found it increasingly difficult to find time to send cards to people I'd love to remember during Christmas. My son sent me an early greeting today and he called me to go check my email so he could hear me laugh when I opened it. So I thought it would be fun to share the site with my readers and you can send a greeting to your friends.

See Slide Show Below:
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Holiday Magic ~ Gallery ~ Slide Show

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