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Friday, November 15, 2013

Art of the Carolinas, Raleigh, Oil Painting Workshop and an Interview with Leslie Saeta, Blog Talk Radio and Dreams of the Turtle King by Texas Contemporary Artist Nancy Standlee

Carolina Landscape 13115
Oil on canvas mounted to board
approximately 11x15

I've just returned from an Art of the Carolinas workshop in Raleigh, NC sponsored by Jerry's Artarama. Because Friday's painting is not finished, I'm skipping to show you Saturday's painting and the workshop was led by Dick Ensing. Workshops were held at the Hilton Hotel and Jerry's Artarama and this one was held at the Store. Between the Hilton Grand Ball Room and Jerry's being filled with art supplies, I had to make suitcase room for a few more purchases. In this workshop Dick provided the image we painted from and that is always appreciated. Watch for later posts and I will discuss the workshops with Sean Dye and Mike Rooney. Classes were 3 hours long from 9-12, 1-4, or 5-8 and a few were all day and you could take as many or as few as you wanted. Close by was a wonderful Thai restaurant that Bob and Kate Burridge had posted about on Facebook and it was so good I think I ate there every day, Shaba Shabu.

But speaking of workshops, I was interviewed by Leslie Saeta  and co-host, Margaret Sheldon, Thursday, November 14, on her weekly talk show, Blog Talk Radio, Artists Helping Artists and I discuss how I get the most out of a workshop. I love taking workshops and took about 14 in 2012 and 7 in 2013. I've stopped counting the total number since 2002. 
 Leslie's Apple Pie...oh, how delicious. She cooked this for us the last night of the September Virginia Beach workshop and the ones who had to leave early you really missed a treat. We had been painting at a fruit stand that day and she purchased honey crisp apples. She also prepared our meals and did her talk show from the beach house. She does marketing seminars and holds classes online and teaches at her Ventura beach house and from her Carriage House studio in Pasadena on palette knife paintings. She gets her energy from apple pie? If so we all need one for backup.
 Leslie instructing our class at the beach.

I have made 24 watercolor illustrations for the book of poetry, Dreams of the Turtle King, written by Denise Bossarte, and available in December on Amazon. Denise informs me the book is moving forward on schedule and I've sent her my bio and a profile image. Here is one of the images you will find in the book. I would read the poem and come up with a visual image for the illustration, send it to Denise for approval or suggestions. 
Boy Digging 13094

I have been sketching and painting food at the Blue Mesa Grill in Arlington for the past several weeks prior to the workshop for possible use in their new menu. (Everything is made from scratch).  I have enjoyed sweet potato chips, red chile salmon, jalapeno relish, sweet corn cake and blue margaritas. The website is awesome with nutritional information and recipes. I went there first to hang out after both eyes had been dilated to sketch and paint my food in my journal until I could see well enough to get home. This has been a very enjoyable job and I think the new menu format will be very unique.
 A cup of painted desert soup, black bean and corn chowder and sweet potato chips.

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Dreams of the Turtle King: Poems Inspired by South Florida Beaches by Denise Ippensen Bossarte

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