Cheerful and Colorful Paintings

Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Best Robe ~Acrylic Figure ~ Art Couture Gallery ~ Art Journal Pages

"The Best Robe"
16"x 20" Acrylic with collage on gallery wrapped Canvas
I had posted this painting March 1 and it is now at the Art Couture Gallery.

A reminder: If you click on a photo it will take you to a larger image.
Journal Page 89
In Colorado and some notes on altitude sickness and treatment and a map, this time glued in.

Journal Page 90
Going to Georgetown and a delay on I 70 for rock scaling and removal. I discovered Tommy Singer jewelry at the Santa Fe Trail, and Georgetown Gallery and Ruth Stewart's hot peppers and Maxine Gnazzo's watercolors. (also in Breckenridge at Art on a Whim I found a fellow Texan, Jeff Leedy's humorous work.)

Journal Page 91
I took Pat Weaver's new DVD Animal Portraits in Watermedia from Creative Catalyst. It was very appropriate as a lot of Colorado friends have dog friends and a great photo op. Visit Pat's web site for a colorful treat. Cindy Y and I took a workshop with her in Ingram at HCAF several years ago.

Journal Page 92
Back in Texas on a Saturday and a quick rush to the PCPC art opening to meet fellow CBC sisters, Cindy Y, Maryann, Karen and Connie, and on Sunday in spite of predicted showers, Maryann and Karen and I had to make it to the Southlake Art Fair.

Journal Page 93
Disturbing reports of the first cases of Swine Flu and the more severe cases are in Mexico and no one knows why. Today Wednesday, April 29, I read about the first death in Texas of a Mexican child.
Later on in the week I'll post a slide show of some images and some links of some of our favorite artists from the Southlake Show. Stay well.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Glory ~ Art Couture Gallery ~ Art Journal Pages ~ CO.

12"x12" abstract on gallery wrapped canvas on a gold gesso base
After the Robert Burridge workshop I wanted to try to paint an abstract with his method and I had about 2 days before I left for a Colorado trip. During the workshop I did two pieces on gessoed paper but to reinforce the techniques I wanted to try it at home. The small work above is my effort and it is in the Art Couture Gallery in Dallas.

This is Bob in the workshop holding his abstract demo that I purchased and it is now in my studio. Thanks Bob and Kate for a great week and I love my painting. They will post some photos from the workshop on their web page soon.

Art Journal page 85
This covers the week from April 6-10 and has an acrylic abstract on the page. Watercolor just didn't have the qualities to do the negative painting used by this technique. Included is two of my favorite "Bobisms" "Love what you do and pass it on" and "It's all been done before, but not by you."

Art Journal page 86
Trying to unpack and pack and taking care of business but wanting to paint gives you a left-right brain duel, going to the Tony Saladino critique and on to the Art Couture Gallery, and then the LLS Gala (see a previous post), then lots of weather and driving through rain, sunshine and snow and making it to Raton NM on the way to Breckenridge, CO. Some quick sketches of roadside signs and one in particular, FREE 72 oz. steak if eaten in one hour near Amarillo at the Big Texan.

Art Journal page 87
Trying another map as Danny Gregory suggests and I'm reading The Creative License, and going to about 9700 elevation from about 650 in Arlington, whew! It's usually not a pretty site for a few days while I'm trying to breathe and walk at the same time. Drew the coffee cup I purchased at the Brown Burro Cafe in Fairplay where there were foot long icicles hanging from the roof. Going from a low at night of about 50's to the 20's, brrrrr.

Art Journal page 88
Ski season officially closed this day and enters into mud season, tried the art walk in Breckenridge and most galleries were closed. I painted my face green because it was hard to walk all bundled up and I hadn't adjusted to the altitude yet. Leadville's Western Hardware Antique Mall is always a must see. Seems like a lot of people like to decorate with roosters and chickens as in Zichittella's Italian in Leadville. Later I'll make a slide show of some of the photos along the trip. At first I thought I had the wrong camera setting as several were in black and white and then realized it was cloudy, snowy and there wasn't any color.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tribal Line ~ Art Couture Gallery ~ Art Journal Pages

"Tribal Line"
Acrylic Figurative on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

After the Robert Burridge workshop I wanted to paint abstracts and have painted two that I will post later but I keep going back to figures. These figures were painted on a toned canvas. Bob had done a painting with a girl with bright red boots so this is my interpretation. It was accepted in the Art Couture Gallery in Dallas.

Art Journal Page 81
Unpacking from the Anne Bagby workshop and wanting to make a chop but just drew it instead. Shirley Trevena's new DVD, "Breaking the Rules of Watercolour", arrived from England and I just had to collage some of the mailing envelope. Check out Shirley's
blog here.

Art Journal Page 82
One of my babies turned 51, oh, my. On that day he texted "51 years ago we had us a day."
Here is Theresa's baked oatmeal recipe and you can find more about it at the Artist Food Network. Drawing looks pretty bad at the top of the oatmeal box but I have an excuse because I was in a big, big hurry.

Art Journal Page 83
Not fun days as I was gathering info for income tax, and I've watched the Trevena DVD and she says forget perspective and gather up some of your favorite things and paint them. I chose my mother's biscuit cutter, my favorite coffee drinking cup, a gift from my daughter, a cut glass toothpick holder that my father used every day, and the bottom of the pointy bill holder because it was old and interesting and I didn't pay any attention to perspective. I started Burridge packing.

Art Journal Page 84
Still unpacking and packing and I've been wanting to draw better so I've gone back to some favorite drawing books:
1. Danny Gregory
2. Dan Price
3. Bert Dodson
4. Betty Edwards
I watched 2 granddaughters and if I hadn't drawn around their hands I'd never noticed that Mattie's little fingers had fingernails so short the ends of her fingers were visible (biting nails) and Grace had 2 fake nails on her 5 3/4 year old fingers.
(I hope this type face isn't an inch high. I'm working on a 13 inch laptop and it's hard for me to decide exactly the font size I need) I will post some Burridge adbstracts next.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Acrylic Figure ~ Waiting to Dance ~ Burridge Workshop ~ LLS

"Waiting to Dance"
Acrylic Figure 12" x 9"
Gallery wrapped canvas

This painting was done in the Robert Burridge workshop last week. See the previous blog post for a slide show of pieces from that 5 day event.
I delivered the small acrylic painting on Saturday to the Fort Worth Community Art Center for a donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Art Auction and Cocktail Party. This is the LLS's third art auction and charity event that benefits "Light the Night Walk". It involves artists, cancer survivors, and community members and last year the event raised more than $30,000. More information about A Cure Through Art click HERE.
The sponsors hope to double the amount raised last year.
The Title:
It is a struggle for me to give a painting a meaningful title. On the drive over to Fort Worth I heard one of my favorite songs, "I Hope You Dance", by Lee Ann Womack and memories returned surrounding the time when I first heard the song. I named this painting "Waiting to Dance".

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Robert Burridge Workshop #6 ~ Texas

Figurative Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas 9" x 12"
I painted the two above and sold them during the workshop.

There is no where I'd rather be on a Monday morning than at a Robert Burridge workshop and those wishes were granted last week in Irving, Texas. The 5 day workshop was presented by the SWS watercolor organization with about 22 in the class and oh, what a time we had. We painted and laughed and laughed and painted. It was especially meaningful to me as 3 of my Canvas by Canvas sisters were there painting along with Bob.
Bob mentioned that Wayne Thiebaud was a great and gentle teacher. I will add that I think Bob is a great and inspiring teacher with a spirit overflowing with enthusiasm. His mantra is "Love what you do and pass it on."
This was my sixth Burridge workshop and I don't plan for it to be my last. I may have heard some of the jokes before (but I still laugh) but he is always painting something he's never seen before and inspiring the class to do the same.
It was a busy week as he gave a demo on Wednesday night at the SWS meeting and on Thursday, he and his wife, Kate, gave a marketing class. If you haven't gone to their web site and signed up for the ArtsyFartsy newsletter, you're missing out on a lot of free information, hints, and ideas. He and Kate left for California with some advice "Work larger, Show up and Do your best." They are a busy couple giving about 33 week long workshops a year and I encourage you to sign up today as it will change your painting life and outlook. It will be a week of playing in a totally safe place and painting with lovely new friends.

Enjoy the slide show below and mouse over for some captions.