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Cheerful and Colorful Paintings in Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Farm Fresh ~ Lake House ~ Art Journal Pages

At CBC's Lake House retreat we made a short side trip to take photos at a wonderful farm and we had all cameras snapping. I plan to paint roosters and chickens soon, maybe a few goats. I'll leave the rabbits to other members. We saw horses, pigs, puppies, and one day old baby chickens. The mother hen was trying to teach them to scratch for food but they were not very good listeners, running around and glad to be alive. Each member contributed a sketch for the journal. I don't think my rooster below could actually walk as I placed his legs a little off center.

I don't really ride bikes (used to) but this is a crazy card Karen gave me and on the other page we all had to take a photograph of the beautiful tulip gift bag. Karen and CC provided a delightful skit we dubbed "Beauty Shop Gossip" at the Lake House Theatre. They expounded on each member with a little truth and lots of exhaggeration - for one they said I was 72 going on 12 and my heavy backpacks have caused all the hangers to fall off in the bathroom stalls!

We started a wine bottle painting and I finished "C" and "H" and failed to take a photo, guess I was thinking about farm animals and gift bags but below you'll get an idea of what the painting might look like. It's not on our web site yet. Other entertainment included watching painting DVD's by Janet Rogers, Shirley Trevena, and Charles Reid. Great news by telephone....we've sold a!! Wonderful news to add to a perfect painting retreat.

Art Journal Materials:
I mentioned in a previous post about giving a short art journaling class to the CBC members at our Lake House retreat last weekend. A Google search will turn up lots of information on keeping a journal but I subscribe to Illustrated Watercolor Journaling and they have an
updated link page on materials and supplies. They have a good dvd on art journaling as well.


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Hi Nancy, So happy I found you, you have a new follower. Love your journaling, so creative and inspiring. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Thanks also for the links!

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