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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Donna Zagotta Workshop ~ "My Peeps: Port Bolivar" ~ Gouache Figurative Painting

"My Peeps: Port Bolivar Bathing Beauties"
8x10 Watercolor and Gouache on #115 Crescent watercolor board hot press

Donna Zagotta Workshop "Size has nothing to do with quality".

OK, I know it's wild but I couldn't resist. I had this photograph of some of the Canvas by Canvas members when we took a road trip south and ended up at a Port Bolivar beach front cottage before the hurricane. One from the above group has commented "I'm so glad you can't tell who we are". I will tell you privately IF you have to know. I guess hearing all about the Fauves and the wild beasts and wild colors got to me. Read HERE about the Les Fauves and I might add the photo of Madame Matisse on the right with the green line down the center of her nose is one of my favorite paintings. I was fairly traditional in the previous post in the Donna Zagotta workshop with "The La Cima Chef" but once we got to arbitary color, line and texture I lost all control with the pattern embellishment and decorating and put the reference material under the table.
Here's Donna trying to remind us to use our "L shaped croppers" to help with our composition. I won't forget that one because the words sound a little naughty. She advised to gather more information than you'll ever want or use so you'll have it ready when you plug the subject into the design. By that put everything in the drawing on the reference material and during the painting process you can mass shapes and create but if you want to use an element from the reference it's there to use or move around or delete. I love it, love it that Donna says it's OK to trace the photo. Hear that Myrna way out in California. (I had a tracing ready and Myrna made me draw it at her workshop but we're still friends.) I also pronounce her name Wacknov just the way it sounds to a Texan and got corrected by Donna. I just never figured I had that much time left to spend all that time trying to draw it when Photoshop Elements 7 does such a good line drawing of the photo. Maybe I'll post how later if others are interested and if I can ever draw like Charles Reid I'll put up the software, but Donna is to the opinion you're also teaching yourself to draw by tracing. Love that concept. That is another reason I keep an art journal is to practice drawing in it.
"My Peeps" is expressing how I feel about my friends and I could have made a copy of the shapes and colors but I chose to be expressive, creative, a little Fauve. Most of the comments from my friends were "We like the chef better." I'm OK with that. We're still friends.
On a later post I will post more on the painting process and how we actually began our painting.

Donna's DVD
Donna recently finished filming a DVD for Creative Catalyst Productions, which will be released later this summer. There will be a "pre-sale" discount a few weeks prior to the release. Click HERE to see a short video clip from the DVD and I can't wait for this one.

Canvas by Canvas
Our collaborative group of 8 paint and travel together. Back when we were 11, Veria TV Channel filmed us painting at the Upstairs Gallery. I received an email from one of the girls today that tonight on DISH Network, on Channel 9575 7:00 pm our "The Art of Living" will be presented again. It first aired December 25, 2007. I don't have DISH network so won't be able to verify that but you can try if you're interested or watch for a rerun. We do have a Veria store in the Arlington TX Highlands Mall area. Our section is very short so don't leave for a drink of water if you get to watch it. The segment talks about the healing effects of art. I think they need to film us painting at their new store.

Here are the photos from some of the activities and student work at the workshop. Enjoy and mouse over for captions.

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Elizabeth Taylor said...

Glad you are leaving the PEEP-ees anonymous Nancy. Another good reason to go to the VERIA store in the Highlands is the wondeful freshly made sanwiches and wraps --had one made the other day with chicken and hummus and it was the best. BT

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks for the tip, Betty. I've never been there but I'll sure try it out.

BG Hackney said...

Great blog Nancy, some good pointers and ideas. Maybe your suggestion of a follow up show on CBC from Veria would be a good idea, plus we are always looking for a good lunch place!

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Barb.. Yes we're always open for a new place for food...thanks for visitng.

Margie Whittington said...

I really enjoyed your DZ blog. It is like a mini workshop with all the information and pictures you share. I really like seeing the other artists work too. There were lots of good paintings. Again you are generous to share all this info with us.

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks Margie for making a comment. I thought the work was very good also and wanted to make a slide show for all to see. It also helps me remember what went on also.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great post Nancy full of such a great deal of information and images. Looks like lots of fun creating in this free way. Your four ladies painting was full of fun and enjoyment. The L shape in the composition you mention sounds intriguing? I often find I have used it to create a foreground to give depth to a piece but never thought of using a template. Thanks for the slideshow - very revealing.

Ginny Stiles said...

As always you are a fine painter AND a word smith which is such fun. You take the time to really TELL things which is lovely! I trace now and then and am absolved of guilt now! Hahahaha...especially with figures! I am anxious to know more about how to combine gouache and there any special technique for this. I do it once in a while but have never actually painted a whole painting in this way. I am so intrigued. I like chef better too but really enjoyed the peeps as well. Fun. Can't look at videos while on dial up in the boonies but will check it out when back in civilization again in the fall.

Nancy Standlee said...

Ginny, good morning and thanks for the wonderful really are saying I'm a little "windy with the words". I'll try and post a little more detail and give some examples of using the color. I'd like to make some color swatches anyway. Good idea for a post. I've already gotten one request for the "how" to use PSE for the line work.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Joan, I'll take a photo of the "L shaped croppers" and show how we used them in class - very helpful tip for composing your art. Thanks for stopping by.

Myrna Wacknov said...

Donna is a great artist and instructor. Every instructor contradicts the last. My focus is helping people to draw more than paint when it comes to portraits. Donna's focus is on painting. You draw very well, Nancy, so keep it up. When next we meet again, I will crack the whip and NO TRACING ALLOWED!

Cecelia said...

Thanks for taking us along to your workshop! You always give such good information. I'm always impressed by what everyone does.
I think I like the Peeps painting best. Maybe it's because I love the Galveston area! But I like the slice of life things, and friends.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello again, Myrna. Instructors may contradict but I learn something from all of them. Thanks for sharing your information with us.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Cecelia, Nice to hear from you again and glad you like the "peeps". I drove through Calvert coming home from an Austin wedding and other side trips and wondered if you were out drawing somewhere. I looked on the streets and thought if I see anyone drawing, I'll stop and ask if they are Cecelia.

Unknown said...

Nancy, you are so funny. I like the way you think! I am a huge fan of your luscious use of color.

Nancy Standlee said...

Hello, Nancy M..Thanks for dropping by and maybe we'll meet in person in Oct. at our DPOT show in Dallas. I do like to use color. Watch for a post about our CBC there will be some color.