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Friday, February 13, 2009

Mel Stabin Watercolor Workshop ~ Dallas ~ Art Journal Pages

Watercolor 15"x22" Sold
The client had a photo taken on a Cabo beach and asked for a painting. It was fun to paint but I had to ask for help several times. Mel is very helpful and I appreciate his calling out the colors used when he begins a demo.
I painted this in the Mel Stabin workshop during the first week of February at Artist's Showplace. This was painted on Thursday when Mel said it was "our choice" day. On Monday was landscape, Tuesday - landscape with figure, Wednesday - Something ordinary and sketched with a brush, Friday - the figure. This was my 3rd workshop with Mel and his workshops are filled with energy, his poems and quotes plus his fabulous watercolors to encourage us to a new level.
The morning was devoted to a Mel demo on a half sheet of Arches of our day's objective and then around lunch it was time for each of the 25 in the class to get down to business while Mel visited around the room. Most days ended with a great critique for each work.
We could paint from our own references or he provided some great photographs that he'd blown up to a 11x15 size. I remember at the Nicholas Simmons workshop he questioned working from 4 x 6 photos and how I could see the detail and now I understand what he meant. I'm getting some larger photos.
Cheap Joe's has a supply list for Mel if you'd like to see what colors and brushes we used, click HERE. There are no gimmicks, mask or salt for Mel. He says "I trust the brush. It can do amazing things."
In the slide show below I have shown some of his paintings and I will show more of the student work in another post.

Art Journal Page 66

Some art supplies needed for babysitting my grandchildren, some of my back fence fell over, then it's pack and pack for Mel, Dana Gioia kicks off the PCPC 3rd art festival,
and no I did not watch the Super Bowl - still trying to get every thing loaded for the workshop. Dana was chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts under President Bush since Jan 29, 2004.

Art Journal Page 67

Some sketches about the workshop, the value study where Mel corrected my car to make it larger, the bottom two sketches are my paintings.

A slide show feast of some of Mel's paintings from the Mel Stabin Workshop. Mouse over for captions.


laura said...

Thanks for the slideshow. I took a workshop with MS in Pa. 6-7 years ago (very crowded!) and would like to do another.
Congratulations on your commission--the shadows on the figure, the colors in them and how they glow, are amazing!

Nancy Standlee said...

Thanks, Laura
Mel had some beautiful paintings to show. I hope you get to take another one from him. This one was crowded to but we did get to have a table by ourselves...about 25 in the class. I'm glad you like the figure. I've posted tonight more student work slides. ns

Seema Misra said...

Nice work on your commission ... i love your art journal :D ... i'm trying to do something similar but been doing it with loose paper and pen and pencil with bits of watercolor thrown in ... Absolutely love your blog ....

Nancy Standlee said...

Dear Simz, Nice to hear good words about my art journal. I was doing so good until about middle of last year when I just ran out of time. Just this week, because we've had snow and it's cold, I've worked in my journal again trying to catch up. Instead of a daily post, I did a month on a page and now I'm ready to start trying to write and draw in it more each day. It has helped my drawing and I love going back and reading it. Please keep making entries in your journal because you are young and it will be such a treasure for you.