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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sketchbook Project by Texas Daily Painter Nancy Standlee

Moleskine Cahier 5.5" x 8.5" sketchbook

I have signed up for a Sketchbook Project at the Art House Co-op for the journaling class at Dena's art journaling workshop. The book theme I chose is "Storybook" and it will be in the permanent collection at The Brooklyn Art Library. At present there have been over 6,000 signed up. I've paid to have it digitized and the pages will eventually be viewed on line and the sketchbooks will tour the U.S. so if this is something your friends might like to do sign up.
I wanted to see how the paper would take watercolor and pen yesterday as the pages are thinner than what I usually work on and I'm very pleased as there is only slight wrinkling and no bleed through with the Sharpie.
I thought it might be good for each participant, if willing, to write a few short sentences of their bio, and we could print it out to add to the back side of all the painting and drawing entries. If the book becomes too thick, guess we could hand print our info but these books will be checked out and I thought they would be easier to read if computer printed. What do you think? If you had this amount of space 5 x 8 inches approximately, what would you say about yourself? First thing I put is that I'm OLD. I hope our little book tells our story of Texas faces and Texas places of meeting as strangers to work in our journals and going away as friends.

Dan and Danny
If you have any of Dan Price's chronicles or books you may recognize the way I wrote the date. It's sorta his signature and I like it so I've copied it. In planning for the workshop I have revisited all of my Dan Price and Danny Gregory books and I'm ready to draw and draw. I found an old letter/note from Dan from 2002 and put it in with my journaling notes to share with the students because it takes time to really decide if this journaling is for you. At one time I was ordering Dan's Moonlight Chronicles and the last one looks like it's notebook 52. Maybe I need to get some updates. I know this for sure as I've seen that Part of the Solution YouTube video I could never, never put all my stuff in an underground Hobbit Hole unless it looked like Carlsbad Cavern. I congratulate Dan Price for getting that Simple Life down pat by discarding most of his "stuff" but every time I've ever gotten rid of anything I need it the next day or week and I'm forever wishing I had it back, hence my big old problem of stuff and where to put it.
For instance, I have last night's peach seed washed and out on the kitchen table because I had to draw it and put in my journal along with the receipt. I went to Greens Produce yesterday, found some Parker County peaches that were calling my name at $2.99 a pound and when you pay $10.38 for 7 peaches to really get your money's worth you need to save the seed. I might even throw some gold leaf on it.

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Cheryl Houston said...

I cannot wait to get my Sketchbooks! Yes- that is plural...
I'm going to attempt to finish one with my stuff and one for the mascot for House of Shine, Ray.

I also invited one of our readers, Peggy to do it and she is! It will be fun to see how everyone's turns out. :)

Love your bio!! I forget you're right here in my neighborhood!!

Nancy Standlee said...

OK..Cheryl, can't wait to see how you do yours.. I really was a little apprehensive on first page..wondering about which materials etc to use..but it has worked out fine and think the classes will enjoy adding something about it for a Texas storybook.

Serena Lewis said...

I love art journaling too and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog this morning, Nancy. LOVE your cactus page!

Nancy Standlee said...

Serena thank you for the comments and visit. Glad you approve of the cactus. I had my doubts on this paper but it was fine.

Donna Mulholland said...

Nancy, I love this! I'm doing the project too.

Nancy Standlee said...

Donna, thanks so much for telling me and I ran to your blog and fun. I'll be watching other entries. I haven't put my info on their website but need to do it soon. This is going to be a great way to connect to other sketchbook artists.